PLAYSTATION has presented a new trailer of Horizon Forbidden West , and only two weeks after its official launch. You can see it about these lines, and in this case it will be focused on weapons, equipment, settlements and challenges of all kinds.

Horizon Forbidden West - Official Challenges of the Forbidden West Trailer

Precisely, these weapons and armor can be purchased and improved through the settlements themselves, where there will also be the possibility of testing them in a combat pit. Crowd can be explored from ancient environments such as ruins and cars, all as we avoid (or annihilate) enemy riders that will campared by the map bothering Aloy as long as they can. In addition, we can compete a series of races against these same riders, and we will be allowed to demonstrate our skills in the sand while eliminating giant mechanical beasts.

As always, they have left some new images of the game, in this case captured in PlayStation 5. You can do click in them to see them in full size:

The title of guerrillas has already been getting used to this dosed communication for a few months, especially since they announced their delay until 2022. Numerous trailers of the game have already been published, as one focused on the mechanical beasts, another focused on its history And even some videos and catches that show how it will be seen in consoles of the past generation, where its intention is that the experience is “equally immersive” despite the technical limitations.

Horizon Forbidden West will be released on February 18 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 .