The Valorant competition returns to the big stages with the second face-to-face event of the year. The VCT Masters 2022 lands in Copenhagen after several months of regional competitions to determine the fittest team in the world. Interesting tournament in itself that has a special incentive. It will be the last stop before an almost complete map of those classified for the world championship begins to be drawn. Not only is the fight for glory, but also to certify the presence in a planetary tournament that will arrive at the beginning of next September.

Below you can find all the details about this Copenhagen VCT Masters 2022. We will talk about the participating teams, the results of each match or the broadcast platforms where we can enjoy the best teams in the world. The only pity is that this time there will be no Spanish presence at all, although we will always be content with Leviathan and KRÜ Esports as the great representatives of the Spanish-speaking public.

All teams qualified for the Copenhagen Valorant Masters 2022

Although for the next season there will be big changes in the format of the competitions, the Valorant Masters in Copenhagen will maintain the rules already known in the 2022 VCT circuit. The twelve qualified teams are divided into two. On one side are the top seeds, who will have the privilege of advancing directly to the quarterfinals. On the other, eight teams will have to earn the right to reach the knockout stage by getting past the group stage.

Teams qualified for the group stage

Qualified teams to the playoffs

Copenhagen Valorant Masters 2022 format and prizes

As we have already mentioned, the format will have both group stages and knockout stages.

Group stage

The eight teams qualified for the group stage are divided into two leagues with four teams in each. The format chosen to say who advances to the quarterfinals is called GSL. With this system, two initial confrontations are determined, later going on to face the teams of the same group that have an identical record of victories and defeats. The teams that manage to win two games in a maximum of three matches qualify for the group stage. All matches are played to the best of three.

Knockout Stage

The four teams that advance from the pools join the teams that qualified directly to the playoffs for a draw that begins in the quarterfinals and features double elimination (two chances). In it, all matches are played to the best of three, with the exception of the final of the losers bracket and the grand final, in which a maximum of five maps will be played.


The teams compete for two different prizes. First of all, we have the classic financial compensation, whose value has not yet been announced. In addition, worlds qualifying points are also up for grabs.

Copenhagen Valorant Masters schedule and schedule


These are all the dates and times in which the matches will be played…

  • Group Phase : It takes place between July 10 and 13. The matches start at 15:00 (10 and 12) or at 17:00 (11 and 13).
  • Qualifiers : Between July 14 and 23. Each day a maximum of two games will be played. They will always start at 17:00
  • Final : It will be held on July 24 at 5:00 p.m.

These are all the matches that will be played on the next day of competition:

How to watch the VCT Masters

As usual, we will be able to enjoy the broadcasts both on the official Riot Games channel, where we will have a broadcast in English, and in the traditional LVP streaming.