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How to get unlimited master keys at Tiny Tinas Wonderlands and what are they used for

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands offers players the classic shooting action and looting of Borderlands with a touch DND. Renouncing the futuristic scenario for a fantasy theme, the game sees players choose their class and embark on an epic adventure narrated by the iconic character of Borderlands through a world full of fun moments and fantastic enemies, not to mention a lot of booty to get your hands. us. In this guide, we will explain how to get master keys at Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands so you can use them to get some of the rare booties in the game.

GET UNLIMITED SKELETON KEYS RIGHT NOW! | Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Skeleton Key Glitch

Why are the master keys used?

The master keys are used to open the skeletal chest, which is at the foot of the statue next to the steps leading to the castle in Brighthoof.

Open the chest will reward you with a rare and powerful booty, which can be particularly useful to try to get better rolls of powerful weapons.

Get master keys in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The master keys can only be obtained by removing Shift codes, which are often shared on the Twitter account of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Gearbox’s official Twitter account, as well as Randy Pitchford, Gearbox Entertainment Company Executive Director, also share some Shift codes for Skeleton Keys, so it’s worth following them too!

While this is the only method to get Skeleton Keys, there is currently a small exploit that players can use to get several keys of a single SHIFT code.

Glitch of Infinite Skeleton Keys explained

As the YouTuber Pugly pointed out, players can redeem the Shift codes several times following a few steps. However, this implies disconnecting and connecting the console at the system level, so it implies a little work, but it is worth it.

  • Canject a Shift code in your account with which you have logged in to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Cuayo However, collects the key in the game menu. Leave it in the “mailbox” section of the SHIFT menus.
  • Go to the Xbox network settings and select ‘Disconnect’. In PlayStation, go to the network configuration and uncheck the box ‘Connect to the Internet’. PC players must turn off their Wi-Fi from the option in the lower right corner of the screen or disconnect their Ethernet cable.
  • Load the game and, while it is disconnected, you can select the option ‘Accept Element’ in the master key in your ‘mailbox’.
  • Salt of the game and reload it. Now I should be able to exchange the Skeleton Key from his mailbox again.
  • Rinse and repeat this method to get infinite master keys of a single code.

_ Beware that Gearbox Software is likely to solve this very quickly, since it is a bit innovative if it does it to get hundreds of master keys. Credit A Pugly once again to discover the fault._

That’s all you need to know about How to get master keys at Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands .

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Wow: Official preview at the end of eternity: Mausoleum of the first

The wait is finally over! On February 23, 2022, Patch 9.2 appears for World of Warcraft. A few weeks later, the new raid of mausoleum opens the first his doors. There are all kinds of strange creatures, dangerous monsters and of course also the Chairman, the Oberbösewicht of Wow: Shadowlands. Which cosmic secrets will Blizzard ventilate in the new RAID? We can definitely look forward to an exciting final of the current WOW extension. In order to prepare players due to the coming challenge, the developers of Blizzard published on the official site the first preview of the mausoleum of the first. We have all important information about the new battles for you again briefly and just about.

New RAID: Mausoleum of the first

Follow Zovaal’s armed forces into the mausoleum of the first, making you ready for the most epic stallion in Shadowland, which will be available at the beginning of season 3.

The Chairman is in the mausoleum, the mysterious heart of the shadowlands, penetrated. If he achieves control of the primeval power, he will redesign the cosmos with death as a spearhead. While Zovaal is superimping to master reality, the champions of Azeroth storm to stop him. Will your determination be surpassed by his?

  • Raid boss: 11
  • Difficulty level: battles browser, normal, heroic, mythical
  • Level: 60
  • Minimum object level for the raid browser: 220

Schedule of raid sales publication

  • 1. March – Normal and heroic difficulty. Please note that the last three bosses (lords of horror, Rygelon and the Chairman) will not be available in this first week.
  • 8th. March – The remaining three bosses are unlocked for difficulty levels normal and heroically. All bosses are available for mythical. 1. Wing of the raid browser: Ephemeral levels (attentive guards, Skolex, the insatiable robber, designer XY’MOX, Halonddrus the recovers) is available.
  • 22. March \ – 2nd wing of the raid browser: cornerstone of creation (Dausegne, the fallen oracle, prototype pantheon, Lihuvim, the top architect) is available.
  • 5. April \ – 3rd wing of the raid browser: Handle of the rule (Anduin Wrynn, Lords of Terror, Rygelon) is available.
  • 19. April \ – 4. Wings of the raid browser: The great design (the champion master) is available.

The bosses in the mausoleum of the first

Attentive Guardian Source: Blizzard

Attentive Guardian

This eternal guard fulfills its timeless task with unblockable determination and leaves the entrance to the mausoleum of the first never out of the look. Skolex, the insatiable robber Source: Blizzard

Skolex, the insatiable robber

Since the mausoleum of the first is now assisted, verging flock into it to breastfeed their hunger. These abominations also include the insatiable Skolex. The huge worm devours enormous amounts of ephemera, which disturbs the balance of the mausoleum and threatens a collapse.
Designer XY’MOX Source: Blizzard

Constructor Xy’mox

After his defeat in Nathria Schloss, Designer Xy’mox retreated into the shadows to plan his next coup. Since the mausoleum of the first is now vulnerable, Xy’mox has called the entire squad of the cartel XY to plunder the ancient knowledge and the mighty relics buried there.
Dausegne, the fallen oracle Source: Blizzard

Eternity’s End – Developer Preview | World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Dausegne, the fallen oracle

Dausegne is dominated by the Chairman and leads the sloppy into the fight to take control of the forge of leverage. With their power, the Chairman wants to overdraw the reality with eternal torments. The prototype pantheon Source: Blizzard


Since they are deprived of the cosmic spirits of the eternal, these incomplete host bodies can only carry out basic commands without grace or compassion. But the enemy is in front of the gates and Lihuvim has no choice as to activate these dangerous prototypes. Lihuvim, the top architect Source: Blizzard

Lihuvium, the top architect

Lihuvim carefully rewrites Ephemera and materializes them in line with the sacred will of the first. Now this process is threatened by the slut-bound threaten that this makes this power to tear.
Halondrus the recovers Source: Blizzard

Halondrus the recovers

Since aone, Halondrus has been trying on the cliffs of the mausoleum of the first and fulfills its high task to recover ephemera and let in the large circulation. Now that intruders chaos pins, the ancient guardian will do everything to maintain the order.
Anduin Wrynn Source: Blizzard

Anduin Wrynn

The dominant magic of the Cheer Master forces Anduin to support the plan to redesign reality. Since the champions of Azeroth run the time to stop him, they must make a difficult decision: defeat the young king to save the cosmos, or risk everything to recover his soul. Lords of the terror Source: Blizzard

Lords of horror

With List and Tips, the Nathrezim has worked on the Earen to implement the plan of the Charter Master. Now your master is just before victory and you just have to fulfill one last task to make sure that nobody resists the new order of the cosmos. Rygelon of the observer Source: Blizzard


Rygelon felt attracted to the mausoleum of the first and wanted to observe the fateful events there, but soon fell under the spell of the Charter Master. Now the constellor sets its cosmic power against all who defy the banishment. The Chairman Source: Blizzard

The Chairman

Countless millennia long has laughed patiently at his plan to reach the heart of the mausoleum. Well, since he stands just before his final victory, the heroes must join azeroths to prevent the champion champion from making the entire reality subtitan.

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