“You broke the multiverse”: So the threat to Dr. Strange in the trailers for his second solo film Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In addition, dark pictures that let doubts whether the good doctor still has all the cups in the closet. With a lot of vertebrae, Marvel and Disney Dr. Strange announced in the multiverse of Madness. Now the film can finally be seen in the cinema. And we looked at him for you! ^^

The gloomy pictures unmistakably bear the manuscript of director Sam Raimi. Source: Disney I Marvel Studios The finished stripes unmistakably bears the handwriting of director Sam Raimi. He is primarily known to Marvel fans through his Spider-Man films with Tobey Maguire, but since the Evil Dead series has been known, Raimis heart beats for horror. Of course, there is not too much of that in a Marvel film, but it is amazing how many freedoms Disney Raimi must have given. On the left and right, people die in a creepy way, light and effects spread horror mood and when Dr. Strange is not exactly fighting against non -dimensional beasts, he has to face his inner, three -eyed demons or gymnastics through the area as a zombie.

Raimi is likely to have explored the pain threshold, which Disney is doing with his Marvel cinema films. Similar to James Gunns Guardians of the Galaxy and Taika Waititis Thor: Ragnarok you can also see from Dr. Strange how seamlessly a good director can enrich the Marvel universe with his style if you only let him do it. However, if you want to go to the cinema with younger siblings or children, you should think twice. The age rating from 12 is really exhausted.

great director, great actor – and what a soundtrack ****

What role does Wanda Maximoff play in the film? Source: Marvel / Disney In addition to Sam Raimi’s handwriting on directing and the grandiose soundtrack from Danny Elfman, it is mainly the actors who wear the film. Elizabeth Olsen is particularly emphasized here – why, we are happy to explain in the spoiler part. All of this does not necessarily make the best Marvel film of all time, but one that nobody should miss that can even begin with something with the dark-magic corner of the MCU. Only the plot of the film could be more innovative and even if there are many surprises, cameos and aha moments , you want a little more substance.

Which brings us at the end of our spoiler -free part. Similar to Spider-Man: No Way Home you can do almost nothing about Dr. Telling Strange in the multi -verses of Madness without having to knock out spoilers. Don’t panic, of course we don’t reveal everything, but we have to reveal a few secrets.

realities full of spoilers ****

America Chavez has special forces – they want the villains of the film. Source: Marvel / Disney what we wanted to say – give the people who do the trailers at Disney, please an Oscar! In the meantime, it is already used to the fact that the Marvel film trailers in particular like to flee a little. Like the trailer crew with Dr. Strange 2, however, manages to create a completely different film with a few good cuts and false voiceovers than the one you get in the cinema is art. With Spider-Man: No Way Home has Dr. Strange’s new adventure almost nothing to do.

Spider-Man is briefly mentioned, but that has the whole thing. Also Dr. Strange does not destroy the multiverse. The film focuses on America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez), a young superhero who has a unique ability: she can jump through the multiverse. That is why she is persecuted by demons, because something – or somebody – wants to rob her of these strength. This person, quickly turns out, is none other than Wanda Maximoff. The past few years have not been good for their psyche – and the events of Wandavision together with the demonic Darkhold gave her the rest. Wanda wants nothing more than seeing her children again and finding a new family for themselves. Even if she has to destroy all realities.

hunt through the multiverse

Before this relatively simple story (Wanda hunts America Chavez, Dr. Strange has to prevent worse), Sam Raimi stages a crazy trip through the multiverse and obviously has fun that he can fully let off steam. As an example, Dr. Strange saving the multiverse? Source: Marvel / Disney Vishanti – called the counterpart to the Darkhold – or Wanda, who is cheating through an entire army of magicians as if they were soft butter.

As with most Marvel films, however, it is not the spectacular scenes that make up the heart of the film, but the quieter moments when the actors can fathom their characters.
Benedict Cumberbatch naturally plays this into his hands, especially because he in multi -verses of Madness several variants of his Dr.
Strange is allowed to play.

Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness POST-CREDIT SCENES & Ending Explained (Spoilers!)
However, Elizabeth Olsen, the Wanda Maximoff, is also desperate, sometimes saddened to death, sometimes plays angry and bitter – and as a spectator you take off every emotion and hopes to the end that she will change again to the good.
Strange in the multi -verses of Madness is more than solid and – if you can get involved with the film – is a lot of fun.
Gladly more of it!
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