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How to Get All Collecting Objects Rohendel Cooking in Lost Ark

You can find culinary collection items in each Lost Ark region. The search process or creating each of them can be difficult if you do not know what to do. Fortunately, below we collected all the culinary collectibles for the continent Roendel. Although many of them require several steps, some need only to buy.

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Where to find all culinary collectibles in Roelande in Lost Ark

Essential essence

Pit-A-Pat Macaroni

Jelly chew

Sweet honey and oil beer

Tuki Soup Tuki


Cake with a roll of snails

Where to find all culinary collectibles in Roelande in Lost Ark

Below you will find all cooking items in Foliance of Aventurist Roendel. For a more detailed description of any collectible items listed below, click on their name to go to a special page.

Essential essence

Before you start His kraft, make sure that you the task of mischievous fairies has already been done a lot of main quest in Roendel. You must already have the magical acceleration of fermentation from performing the task of mischievous Fairy Una.

Next you will need an Azure energy concentrate, which you can find on sale Eiza in Rotan district from Roendel for 205,000 silver. Map to get to Eyza is given above.

Finally, you need to visit Ailar, NPC next to Aise. You can buy an essential essence of 1,100 silver.

Pit-A-Pat Macaroni

Lost Ark - 100% Rohendel Adventurer's Tome Guide (Cooking, Collectibles, Stories and more)
Pit-A-Pat Macaron in Lost Ark requires players to find Arisser, wandering trader in Roelander , and buy it. His location and when it will be there below.

Arizer, a wandering trader, appears random in one of five zones: Fresh Brey , Shadow Elsovina , Glass Lake Lotos , Lake Shiversuring or Zenil Ruins . Arizer will appear in all channels of one random zone and will remain about 25 minutes.

Get a Pit-A-Pat Macaron for 150.00 silver and then consume it.

The time of the appearance of a stray merchant NOX (in the morning and evening):

  • 2:30
  • 5:30
  • 6:30
  • 8:30
  • 9:30
  • 12:30

Pay attention to the clock in the upper left corner of the screen, because they will be displayed only by server time, and not local time.

Jelly Chewing

Jelly Chew is made of three ingredients that can be found in the Lake Shiverware area in Roendel:

  • Chew jelly – The most southern circle in Sky Garden is marked above
    • Chew jelly jelly – the northern circle is marked above
      Chew chewing jelly ** – The collection of collectibles in Sylvian Residence is noted above.

They are relatively easy to get, and they are more like ordinary collectibles than something complicated. The only thing that will require any know-how is the southernmost ingredient in Sky Garden. You can get into the heavenly garden through the blue portal in the yellow triangle, noted above.

Finally, you need to visit Ailar, NPC in the Roatun area, and ask her to cook chewing jelly. 1600 silver . Above there is a map of its exact area.

Sweet Honey and Oil Beer

First, you will need honey oil and beer that you can find on sale Eiza in Rotan; card to find it higher. The cost of honey oil is 5000 silver A beer is 10 000 silver . We recommend buying at least five of each ** as you can not get the beer Sweet Honey Butter Beer on the first attempt.

Finally, you need to visit Aylara , NPC next to Aise, found on the map above. Buy Honey Butter Beer Ailara is 2,200 silver and there is Chance In the end, it will be the beer Sweet Honey Butter Beer. Continue to do it until you do.

Tuki Tuki Soup

Before you can create it, you must already perform many of the main quests in Roendel and execute Restoring the Print Place Una’s Quest .

You will receive the first ingredient, filled with manany soup, after completing Restoring the Print Place Una’s Quest . The second ingredient is the tears of the captured tuka, which can only be obtained after the murder of a lost tuka. The best place where we found them are noted below. The chance of falling extremely low, and many people inform you that there are no sufficiently killed dozens of them.

Continue to kill Lost Tooki monsters until the tears are dropped out of them that you can collect.

Finally, you need to visit Aylara , NPC in the Rotun, which can be found on the map above. Buy Tuki Tuki Soup at Aylara per 3100 silver and right-click Soup in your inventory to complete this collectibles.


The creation of ZECHBAS requires good luck, good luck and even the murders of the world boss. Before making Zechbas, players need to do sparkling elemental food .

To prepare the sparkling food echoes, the players will need four ingredients:

  • Purified Water Lotus Flowers
  • First infected elementary food
  • Second infected food element
    • Murder elites in Roelande for this random drop
  • Third infected elementary food
    • Murder World Boss Magmadon in Roendel

On the western side of the river there will be reservoirs with lotus flowers. Glass Lake Lotus Area. The map shows all possible locations; Explore every lotus flower until you can learn it.

You can find it only on the map above in Ruins of Zenil . Look for this ingredient near the gate.

You should visit Aylara, NPC in the Rotun to cook the sparkling food echoes. You can find its exact location on the map above. Let it prepare the sparkling member food for 2500 silver . Next you need to right-click on it in the inventory.

It will either be Zanbas or spoiled echest food . You must repeat all the steps described above if you have received spoiled echoes. If it becomes the location, right-click and it will be added to the adventure crawler log.

Cake with a roll of snails

Visit the NPC named Orrad in the Lake of Glass Lotus. Its location is noted above. She will give you a secret recipe after you reach the maximum mutual understanding with it. Giving her a lot of gifts, she gave us a secret recipe. When you have a secret recipe, it’s time to collect snails.

You can find all the snails in Elzowin’s Shade in the areas we noted above. Follow the eastern side of our card up and down until you collect 200 snails.

After you finish the hunt for snails, visit the Ailara, NPC in Rothun to create Magick Albino Snail. It can be found on the map above. Let it make a magic snail albino for 1600 silver .

Let it cake cake with snails for 3100 silver when it finishes. When you have a snail cake, Right-click and it will be added to the journal of the adventure crawler.

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Where to find a hidden story “Form of Love” in Lost Ark

You can unlock Shape Of Love in Lost Ark only after detection Village Moqo . He has a time limit and three different places in a cake to visit. After each new investigation, the time limit is reset for a new time, so carefully follow the instructions.

Where is the “love form”, a hidden story?

first hidden history

Forest Suitwater – a place of action of the first part of this secret story. It is located on a floral flower field, west of the sweet fruit forest and south of the mountain trail. It is in front of a giant boot. Explore the cord of the lace. The timer begins with 10 minutes.

Second hidden history

You can find the second part of this in the Suitwater Forest. It will be east of the Farm Moqocho, south of the forest of sweet fruits and southeast of the fused flower field. You can find it in front of a gigantic pair of glasses. Explore the crack on the left side of the glasses. The timer will drop for 10 minutes.

Third Hidden History

You can find the third part of this secret story in Skyreach Steppe. It will be east of the Rocky Forest Hill, southeast of Pirate Post. Go along the river to the East until you reach the top of the waterfall. You should investigate the southern end of the river as soon as possible, where it meets with a rock, since this area will be kiece enemies.

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Jerk Streamer claims: Lost Ark takes the ideal function of Diablo and makes it even better

The Canal of Asmongold is just one of the largest on Twitch and he needs to owe the brand-new MMORPLOST ARK. Currently the banner draws an initial verdict and also compares the video game with Diablo 3 as well as Wow.

That is the banner?

  • Asmongold is referred to as the biggest MMORPG streamer on Twitch. It was terrific, specifically with Globe of Warcraft, after that wave to Last Fantasy XIV and various other MMOs a long time ago.
  • Lost Ark can conquer since Release Twitch. Asmongold might break his spectator record with it. He is simply greater than the Twitch King XQC (via Sullygnome).
  • In a brand-new video clip on Youtube, Asmongold speaks regarding why Lost Ark amazes numerous fans and also why everybody intends to play it.

“The fight is incredible”

You are generally readily available 8 different abilities with which you can charge different abilities depending upon the class. Right here you need to establish the skills for an effective struggle and use your “Ultimate” at the appropriate moment.

What is that for an attribute? In his video clip Asmongold commends the fight system of Lost Ark. He contrasts this with that of Diablo 3. You plays Lost Ark with an isometric point of view, ie “obliquely from above” as well as at work combat.

Usually, you strike versus larger groups of opponents and also makes them level with your strong skills. Of program it has to do with more powerful employers al1. It is controlled with the mouse, skills you activate as with Diablo on the PC with the tricks around WASD.

What makes the battle so well? For the streamer, the fight system of Lost Ark is “amazing”. He applauds that it draws in players at the same time, because it can be maintained on shown to effective systems. Asmongold says:

In the video Asmongold likewise goes on video games like Wow or New Globe. The tale and also character adjustments of Lost Ark are moreover of Shadowlands. Specifically WOW has actually let down several fans with the current expansion.

Lost Ark feels like Diablo when Diablo would be a MMO.

The experience you have right here is formalized somewhat and also for that reason far better well balanced.

There are several small chances to adjust and make the character and also make much better, but just a couple of with actually fantastic impact – unlike concerning Path of Exile, as Asmongold says. In doing so, you promptly prosper and do not have to deal for hrs with few skills as in Diablo.

First Impressions with Lost Ark

Lost Ark tries to be like Diablo and Wow, however makes it much better

According to Asmongold, the whole system merely really feels around. Exactly that makes it so gripping: You understand the system right away as well as can obtain started directly.

Lost Ark try at the exact same time to adjust the special attribute of games like WOW. Asmongold discusses: Wow you can play different kinds on tens:

Someone can log in as well as is a hair loss type that farms installs. And also these 4 ways to play, are simply so substantially various that their only commonness is the game they play.

More: It waxes according to Asmongold. According to him, many players play MMOS to indicate with their achievements before others and when a game waxes, then that’s simpler. It is currently stronger than concerning New Globe at the exact same time and also grow.

Lost Ark tries to replicate that, for example with the fortress system with Real estate. The most vital thing for success, nonetheless, is the pc gaming. Followers could currently see followers through the success of Lost Ark in Korea and also Russia that the game works.

Some of the materials are understood that will certainly come in the future. For instance, brand-new classes that are already playable in Korea and also are still missing in Europe:

In Lost Ark, 7 even more classes involve us in the following few months – that you can

The Canal of Asmongold is just one of the biggest on Twitch and also he has to owe the brand-new MMORPLOST ARK. In his video Asmongold applauds the battle system of Lost Ark. ** For the streamer, the battle system of Lost Ark is “phenomenal”. Lost Ark really feels like Diablo when Diablo would be a MMO. In the video Asmongold likewise goes on video games like Globe of Warcraft or New World.

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