Destiny 2’s Nightfall expansion has dropped and gamers are no question combing Nominal’s neon-soaked city roads and also roofs for keys. Among them are brand-new action figure antiques that are imitated Nominal’s preferred Cloudstrider, Nimbus, and are scattered across the war-torn city, reminiscent of Witch Queen’s quest for Lu cent Moths. As of now, gamers can just locate the initial 2, meaning that the remainder will likely be presented on a weekly basis, and also gamers will desire to locate them all because it’s essential for finishing the Nightfall Victory as well as getting the accompanying title.

Of all, gamers can discover tips as to where to look for these activity figures right by the touchdown zone where Nimbus is on Nominal. As soon as you go down into the city itself, a structure simply off to the right with neon signs will have a door that reveals a space with screens all over the location. They’ll be revealed off in this area when you discover the action figures. A pair of screens have hints that aim gamers to the basic area where they’ll locate the figures as well as give some sign regarding where they’re concealing as well as just how to discover them. Right here’s where and how to find every one of Nominal’s hidden activity numbers:

You’re going to wish to head into the major section of Nominal, Breeze’s Concourse, as well as try to find turnstiles bathed in environment-friendly light on an elevated system on the western side of the map. Going past the gates will certainly take you right into ESI Terminal, and also you’re going to wish to adhere to the path until you get here at the various other end where a lot of Cabal are uploaded up.

You can either go through the opening in the wall surface as well as climb it from the within or use your Strand powers to scale it from the outside as soon as you’re below. In either case, you wish to jump on top of the outer wall, where you’ll detect three turrets aiming in various instructions. Furnish your sniper if you have not already, get on each turret and also aim at the sky in the exact same instructions as them. It might take some searching, and you may have to look away and after that back, but eventually you ought to find a darkness crystal in the cannon’s directions. Fire it and jump onto the next cannon to do the same. The activity number will certainly appear at your feet on top of the cannon when you have actually taken out all three crystals.


As of currently, gamers can just find the initial two, implying that the remainder will likely be rolled out on a once a week basis, and also gamers will certainly desire to discover them all given that it’s essential for completing the Nightfall Triumph and also obtaining the going along with title.

The AHIMA Park hint reads: At the facility of AHIMA Park, discover an unforeseen hideaway beneath the stairs. The figure in AHIMA Park, Nominal’s eastern zone, is concealing in a gigantic central structure that gamers need to be able to find the 2nd they arrive.


Head inside the building and look for an L-shaped stair. If you eye it from the ground at the base of the stairways, you’ll see there’s a quite large space between it and also the rock the stairs are improved, making a tiny cave. Enter there as well as head to the really back of the cave, where you should find your first Nimbus action numbers.

Really Complicated

Promptly head to the left from this opening, you will detect a door on yet an additional increased system and experience it. When you’re inside, take the best course to the actual end as well as take the exit on the right. You will be overlooking a path of verandas heading down, take that courses till you spot the site and also undergo it, where it will take you to the Really Complex.

The tip for the Really Complicated activity number reads: Atop the towering parapet, three stalwart protectors stand watch. Twist up however, because you’re going to require to finish the Nightfall campaign to access the action number here as this takes location in a setting at the end of the story.

We’ll maintain updating this overview as more antiques turn out in the weeks to come. In the meanwhile, if you’re seeking even more points to do, check out our Nightfall and Season of Defiance guides, including tips on exactly how to make it through Nightfall’s famous project and where to discover Nominal’s regional breasts.

Of all, gamers can discover tips as to where to look for these activity numbers right by the landing zone where Nimbus is on Nominal. A set of screens have clues that aim players to the basic location where they’ll find the numbers and also offer some indication as to where they’re concealing as well as how to locate them. Below’s where and exactly how to locate all of Nominal’s concealed activity figures:

Jump in there and also head to the very back of the cavern, where you should find your first Nimbus action figures.