[Moon Young Moon Young -soo] Representative Song Jae -jun, CEO of Com2u, introduces the ‘P2O (Play to Own)’ model, which contains the web 3 value of ‘decentralization’ and ‘process distribution’, and seriously troubled Korean game companies to take the lead in the future I asked for the time of reflection to academia and industry.

Song Jae -jun, who was in charge of the Korea Game Society’s Spring Academic Presentation, held at the COEX Conference Room on the 21st, gave a video lecture on the theme of ‘Web 3 Games and Metabus’.

Song said, “I think that the Korean game industry exists today because the Korean Game Society, which celebrated its 21st anniversary this year, has supported the Korean game well,” he said. It is influenced. It is a topic with many perspectives, but I have prepared for a lecture because I hope that various opinions will be announced and discussed. ”

The lecture shows the trend of the times that lead to the centralized economy Web 1, platform economy Web 2, and decentralized economy Web 3, and in the web 3 era, the direction of the game industry and the true methuses are promoted by the global industry trend and Com2us. It was introduced through various projects.

In particular, Song predicted that web three companies will overcome existing Web 2 companies in the future with the value and philosophy of Internet democratization. Following the web 1 company that provided information and services such as initial Internet companies, mobile carriers, and offline B2C companies, web 2 companies such as Uber, Facebook, Airbnb, and Amazon, which led to the participation and sharing of users, led the industry’s leadership. I grabbed it.

However, with the information and services filled by Prosumers on the company’s platform, one platform became monopolized in the world’s categories, and criticism of the distribution of the web 2, which only a few shareholders became monopolized in the negligence of growth, led to the Web 3. Song looked at it.

Web 3 operates as a protocoled algorithm on a decentralized platform based on the blockchain token economy. Through this, participants who have led corporate growth will share the fruit of growth through the protocol economy in a decentralized manner. The most representative web 3 project is Bitcoin.

Song recently invested by Com2us, ‘The Sandbox’, a video NFT company ‘MOVI’, the web 3 game guild community ‘YGG’, and ‘Breederdao’ Introducing NFT -based KPOP community platform ‘My Bias’.

“Just as web 2 companies overwhelmed the Web 1 company with the value of participation and sharing, we expect that web 3 companies with the value and philosophy of de -centralization through large -scale funds and inflow of high -end manpower will overcome the Web 2 company.” Historically, the business with philosophy and justification has always been overcome. ”

Web 3 has also expanded into the game industry and has recently emerged as a topic of the global game market. C2X platforms and coins, which are leading to the MCP as MCP, were released earlier this year. Com2us is developing a game platform hive and a C2X token ecosystem to develop into an open platform.

In addition, the web 3 game market will replace the web 1 and the web 2 game market, and the C2X platform will be created as a global No. 1 game platform that can be easily developed and service for anyone.

Song also proposed ‘P2O (Play to Own)’ rather than ‘P2E’ (P2E) as a new way of expressing web 3 games. This is because the web 3 game is focused on sharing the ownership and items in -game goods and items that the game company is unilaterally provided and the user’s ownership was not recognized.

Song said, “In the case of ‘Summers War: Hundred Years War’, the recent update to the C2X -based web 3 and the DAU has soared more than three times in four weeks without marketing. There are many.

Com2us’ Web 3 ecosystems are connected to the virtual reality meta bus. Com2us defines the real world of real world into a virtual world, and is developing the all-in-one meta bus platform by establishing a comu bus.

Song said, “The methus era will come from the time when the life of the virtual world becomes more important than the real world in our lives.” “It’s a true methus world.”

To this end, Com2us will move to Meta Bus from the office space that spends the most time in economic activities. Since then, the company plans to implement sequentially in everyday services such as banks, hospitals, bookstores, education, performances, conferences, and shopping. Currently, the company is developing services with various leading companies in each industry, including Hana Bank, Dr. Nou, Kyobo Bookstore, Teachers Group, My Music Taste, and Hanmi Healthcare.

Com2us will be implemented on the blockchain system and will be made into a structure in which users can share rewards with token economy. In a lecture, Song said, “The goal is to be a model that can share the negligence of growth with a token reward like a stock option.”