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Rather, look at a game after the other, Knecherk Knecht made clear on Thursday. “We also have to play that in the preliminary round. And now we have to play that in the second half, even if the constellation is a bit different.”

The game in Bremen (Saturday, 8.30 pm, live! At Knecht) he still sees as a special privilege. Both basically concerned the situation in which the team is located, as well as the fact that they should now be a top game on a Saturday night, he said, adding: “Many did not think so.”

Patric Pfeiffer misss locked

Before the game, the Lilien coach prepare his two pfeifers headaches. The failure of the central defender Patric brings him to think, acknowledged a battle. Finally, the 22-year-old has “brought an insane quality in the place” in the past few weeks. ” Nevertheless, he was confident that you can catch the failure with the available players.

First candidates for domestic defense are Thomas Isherwood and Jannik Müller. The latter praised explicitly for his appearance at the 1-1 against Sandhausen. “I am very satisfied with Jannik,” said the coach. “He did his thing very well.” Further options for the internal defense would be SOIBECH (31) and Clemens Riedel (18).

Luca Pfeiffer since ten games without goal

Second worry child is attacker Luca Pfeiffer. The is currently in a form crisis, is since ten games without goal success. “It is very important that as a player he is in duty to get out of this situation himself,” said Lieberknecht.

It is very important that he is in duty as a player to get out of this situation itself.

Torsten Lieberknecht

It deals less about the gate shooting, but a certain basic reason. “That maybe sometimes a sprint that hurts at the moment, but it is very important to wake up a stadium, or even a blocked ball on the outside line.”

There is Pfeiffer Air up. “Everything else can be the boy,” said the coach and highlighted Pfeiffer’s “unbelievable final quality”. He is still a very young player with his 25 years. Pfeiffer needs a pulse. “Then he comes back to the phase, where he is happened to him, the ball lies him at the right time before the foot and he cleans him again.”

Despite the Bremen failures: “Focus stays on us”

Until Patric Pfeiffer, all players are expected to be available for the top match, including right-back Matthias Bader, who had to fit against Sandhausen because of muscular problems, as well as Midfieldroutinian Tobias Kempe, who was beaten during the week.

In Bremen, Lieberknecht expects a very emotional mood in a fully busy stadium – and a very emotional enemy, which will burn after the first defeat under coach Ole Werner for redress.

That Bremen is expected to play with a triple chain, would meet his team. “My boys had a few good solutions ready.” Through the various disease and injury-related failures with opponents, but you do not know what to come to the lilies. “That’s why the focus is on us,” said the coach.