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Webzen, Seven-Eleven and Muorin 3 affiliate events

Webzen (Representative Kim Tae Young) prepared an affiliate event commemorating the launch of the new Mobile MMORPG ‘Muori (Mu Origin 3).

Devis Squer Event MuOnline Webzen season 16 part 2

We focus on the Affiliate Events of ‘Muorini 3’ and Convenience Store ‘Seven Eleven’ until Webzen is on the 31st.

The two companies are the “Muida” of the character brand ‘Webzen Friends’, “Jenny”, “Jimmy’,” Jenny ‘, “Jimmy’, ‘Khan’, and the ‘Kan’ character’s name,” Muorini 3 ” Presents the game item.

When you buy affiliate lunches at the convenience store in the whole country, you can get “10 resurrection 10” and ‘rare jewelry random packs’, and ‘Blue Dia 300’. If you type the scratch coupon number that was enclosed in the lunch box, the compensation is paid to the coupon tab, and the events when the volume is exhausted can be early.

Webzen is now actively collaborating with food and dining industry, including convenience store brand ‘Seven Eleven’, including convenience store brand ‘Seven Eleven’, including convenience store brand ‘Seven Eleven’, as well as a wide range of users.

In addition, Webzen continues to be a game event that allows you to enjoy the “Muorini 3” more fun.

First, I will open the ‘combat power race’ to start the strongest ‘Muorin 3’ to March 22. By selecting the top 30 combat power, the first place to present the prize ‘Apple iPad Pro’, and from the second to the second to the second, “Wings: Butterfly Wings (Permanent) and ‘Guard Jewelry’ and ‘Blue Dia’ give.

In addition, participating in the ‘Strong Guild Selection Competition’, according to Guild Ranking, ‘Road: Phantom Tiger (Duration),’ Majang ‘, and’ Majang ‘, and’ Level Achievement Event ‘, You can receive various growth items.

Partnership with T1, HP Omen

e Sports specialized enterprise T1 Entertainment & Sports (T1) said that the premium gaming PC brand has established partnership with HP Omen.

Through this partnership, ‘Zeus’ Choi’s players, ‘Owners’ Moon Hyun Jun, ‘Paker’, a player, ‘Kumi Yui’ immigration player, ‘Kei’ Ryu Min-seok, and ‘Esper’ Kim Tae- It becomes the face of Omen Rule ‘.


This ‘Omit Rul’ campaign departs from the reality, the reality, which can be unfair, depending on the money, school, and appearance, and the game world, and the game world is located in the idea that it can prove itself in the same departure line. Omen defines five representative social privileges as a ‘enemy’, and to conform to the story of T1, which is proving their own, as a 5 ‘rule’.

On the first video released on the 16th, ‘Paker’ appeared as a leader, introduces the ‘first audience’ as a leader, “Inequality”, introduces the ‘first audience’, and strengthens the beginning of the campaign. Video Spirit Pacer emits a brilliant space as a background and a “gold shrink” that means social inequality to the floor. The space is back to the game in the game, and the Paker said, “There is no gold. The beginning is the same gold. “” When all of the game is played, all of them are given equally as a skill, and we can grow the message that they can grow.

A total of five “audiences” as a total of five “audiences) together with the audience and T1 players are released sequentially over two months. In addition, T1 players will be able to play a video that reviewed the product, with the emotions that played into an audience.

The ‘Paker’ is glad to attend the ‘Memorial Rule’ campaign with this partnership. He said, “I would like to have the message of the audience that only the fans prove their people to prove their people.”

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