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Benzema objective does not count: that is what the rules say

Why Does Benzema Avoid The Ball For 3 Minutes Each Match?
With 15 goals and thus as a designated top scorer, Karim Benzema went right into the last game of this Champions League season.
And also Genuine Madrid’s goal scorer would certainly likewise have opened the last in Paris on Saturday with a goal.
In the 43rd minute, Benzema shot from the offside placement after the sphere of Liverpool midfielder Fabinho had crashed right into a fired by Fede Valverde together with Ibrahima Konaté.
The flag went high-doch did she rightly do it?
The line judge was just validated after a minute-long review by the VAR, Benzema’s hit did not count.

The question of whether Fabinho had actually deliberately played the ball or only blocked the round.
Primarily 11 it states that a gamer is culpable offside, “if the sphere (…) has actually been purposely prevented by an opponent”;
Not “if he gets the sphere from an opposing player who deliberately plays the ball”.

Benzema takes superstar in protection: “Who criticizes Messi, has no idea of football”

StrikerS tar Karim Benzema has protected himself protectively from Lionel Messi and the Argentine against criticism after changing to Paris Saint-Germain in protection.

Look, what he does in the square. Overall, you can not criticize such a player. Someone who criticizes Messi has no idea of ​​football, said the (attacker) of Real Madrid to Telephoto.

Messi has not been able to shine for his emotionally accompanied change from FC Barcelona to PSG as usual, at least in the league. There, the seven-time balloon-d’or winner is only at a gate and five templates in twelve missions.

In the Champions League it ran much better for Messi, in five games, he achieved five goals, including a double pack at 3: 2 home win against RB Leipzig.

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Benzema, which knows Messi from numerous Classics, firmly believes that the 34-year-old will leave his mark in his new club. Why should not he succeeds? It’s just a matter of acclimation, Benzema is convinced.

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