The training company at Bundesligoist Arminia Bielefeld continued on Wednesday under special precautions, while the Corona situation in the team and function team continued to struggle.

According to current Arminia Bielefeld information, the Lady’s Defender Guilherme Ramos, Joakim Nilsson and Nathan de Medina, and Winter Newcomer Gonzalo Castro have been tested positively on the Covid 19 virus. An official confirmation of club site has not yet exist. Also, whether, as partially speculated, other actors are affected by the outbreak beyond this quartet. From injury reasons, Masaya Okugawa and Janni Serra were missing first. Patrick Wimmer could not attend exercise for the time being for the time being.

ARMINIA-PROFI mit NACHRICHT zum CL-SIEG!!???????????? - FIFA 22: Bielefeld Sprint to Glory

It had been reported from the club on Tuesday that there were “with the beginning of the new week several corona infections priority in the area of ​​the coach and supervisor”. Affected is obviously next to ChefCoach Frank Kramer also his assistant Sebastian Hille. In the for Sunday scheduled, so far not endangered game at Borussia Dortmund, after the current state of Coach Stefan Kleinheismann is interpreted the team. The 34-year-old is to be supported by the other assistant Ilia Gruev and Torwarttrainer Marco Kostmann.