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F1 2021: High Speed Rausch in Saudi

Shortly before the final in F1 2021 we are a guest on Saudi Arabia High Speed route, the Jeddah Corniche Circuit.
False starts, fast curves and a catch-up, which has it in itself.

Race Highlights | 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix
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Formula 1: Explosion near the route in Saudi

Yemeni Huthi rebels have attacked an oil refinery near the Formula 1 racetrack in Jedda and thus ensures the worries about safety at the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia (Sunday, 19.00 pm). During the first free workout on the Jeddah Corniche Circuit was suddenly to see a big cloud of smoke after an explosion, it smelled of burned oil. World Champion Max Stappen (Red Bull) said he could smell the fire as he drove.

“We conducted several attacks with drones and ballistic rockets,” said the Huthi rebels in a statement, including the facility in Jedda and “important facilities” in the capital Riad.

The refinery in Jedda is less than 20 kilometers away from the city course. The team bosses and drivers met for a crisis meeting, the start of the second free workout was moved backwards for 15 minutes. “We are waiting for more information from the authorities about the incident,” said a Formula 1 spokesman for the portal motorsport.com.

Huthi rebels from the Yemen are always targeting the neighboring country in Saudi Arabia, most recently a week ago with a rocket and drones. A plant of the oil company ARAMCO in Jidda was also met, fire broke out on an oil tank. The state television had also reported that the air defense had intercepted a “hostile bullet” via Jedda.

Rocket and drone attacks of Yemeni militia are not uncommon in the region. Almost two weeks ago, an oil refinery had been attacked by a drone in the Saudiarabian capital Riad. The Huthis acquainted themselves. The rebels often attack airports and oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, the country is one of the largest oil exports in the world.

In Yemen since 2015 war between the troops supported by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other Arab states troops of President Abd Rabbo Mansur Hadi and the Hutthi rebels supported by Iran. In the conflict, around 380,000 people were already killed in accordance with UN information, millions of more had to flee.

Attack on oil plant in Saudi Arabia before Formula 1 races

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