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FIFA 22, DCE was Flash Toty Challenge Solution 1

Discover the Flash Tony 1 Flash De Challenge solution, a team creation challenge was FIFA 22. This DCE is intended to win a three 80+ player pack by completing it.

Note that this challenge starts on Friday, January 28 at 7:00 pm and lasts two hours, ending on the Friday, January 28 at 9:30 pm. By completing this challenge, you will get a three 80+ player pack.

Should this DCE do?

The Flash Challenge Flash Tony 1 is a unique challenge, related to the Event Tony on the mode was FIFA 22. In view of the price of cards and the criteria requested, we recommend completing it.

  • Recommendation: Yes
  • Probable credit gain? No

Flash Challenge Tony 1, Criteria

  • Same nation: minimum 4
  • Different leagues: maximum 3
  • Same club: minimum 3
  • Rare cards: minimum 2
  • Overall team rating: 75
  • Collective: minimum 85
  • Reward: A Pack Three Player 80+
  • End of the challenge: Friday, January 28 at 9:30 pm
  • Price: 4.8k

TOTY Challenge 1 SBC Completed - Help & Cheap Method - Fifa 22

Our example of a solution for the Flash Tony 1 DCE Challenge has been made with the Fut bin team creator (in English).

Our solutions are examples of training allowing you to achieve these DCE at the cheapest price possible without having cards. It is obviously possible to achieve these challenges with other cards. Attention also because the overall cost of these solutions can evolve (downward as risen) over time.

You can find the full list of different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges (DCE). In addition, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.

Overview of the week: Silkroad, Metin2, Yu-GI

An overview prepared specifically for those users who do not visit us regularly, and who could miss some important event in the last week. You will find here a list of all prime minister, tests, updates, new classes, servers and other new products, which we witnessed between Monday and Sunday.

Monday (17 January):

Bulging Global – a preliminary registration began

MU Origin – Closure of servers

Draconian – New Morph with dragons

Tuesday (18 January):

Foxhole – strikes in the game

Microsoft buys Blizzard !!!

Battle knight – a new server

Silk road – a new server

Broken RANKS – downloaded game

Wednesday (19 January):

Yu-Hi-Oh Master Duel – Global Prime Minister game

Blade & Soul – New Update and New Specialization

Online TERM – Closure of a Japanese version

Thursday (January 20):

Fortnite – News, Return the iconic location

Blade & Soul Revolution – New Game class, Great Update

METIN2 – News in the game

Metin2 – the largest bot in the game was closed

Friday (January 21):

Shakes & Fidget – New International World

Jungian – New Update, New End-Game

Overprice – Global CBT start

Crowd – Third part of beta tests

Saturday (22 January):

Dauntless – News in the game

LA Tale – Awakening of classes

Sunday (23 January):

Todays Fire codes January 20, 2022; All free rewards

Free Fire returns Battle Royale every day with your round of free reward codes. Today , 2 0 of January 202 2 , the popular Battle Royale allows its users Receive new cosmetics without having to go through a box. Once the exchanges will remain linked to your Arena profile. Remember that the title is available in Free Play format for iOS and Android devices.

FREE codes for today, January 20, 2022

  • FigureCTSL5ft.
  • 4ST1ZTBE2RP9.
  • Ff10gcgxrnhy.
  • FFPlowHansma.
  • R9uvpeyjoxzx.
  • Ffplpqxxenms.

How to exchange Arena Fire codes?

Redeem Free Rewards Codes at Free Fire requires going through a very simple process. Every 24 hours your managers publish a list in which you will receive cosmetics at no additional cost after redeeming it on this link. You must bear in mind that these will remain linked to your Arena Free Fire ID.

  1. To start, click on to access the official rewards portal, the reward exchange site .

  2. Now, log in with a free fire account from your chosen option: Facebook, VK, Google, Huawei, Apple or Twitter.

  3. Enter the twelve code (12) digits in the indicated space (be sure not to confuse some numbers with letters) and confirm.

  4. When you have confirmed the code you have selected, you will suffice from HBattle Royale ya to be reflected in your account.

When you finish the process you will see a confirmation message within a maximum period of 30 minutes : Do not desperate if you do not see them immediately. These codes are valid for 24 hours from the time of publication, so you have a very small margin so Battle Royale not to stay without them.

  • Free Fire: Weekly Agenda from January 19 to 25 with Fire Time and Memory Box
  • Free Fire Max: How to download and play for free on Android, iOS and PC (Windows and Mac)

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