Costar Co., Ltd. was held for a limited time event “Annual Overte-Spring Feeding Operation-Spring Feeding Operation-Spring Feeding Operations-” held for a limited-time event “Hanuka (Jan Tampa).

Costar Co., Ltd. is a battle-type mahjong game “Arena (Jan Tampa)” operated by the Company announced a limited-time event “Yearly Beast Advent-Spring Feeding Operation-” and implementation of Toshiba.

# Limited time event “Yearly Advent-Spring Feeding Operation-” is being held!

Achieving event quests that are updated daily, you can earn event items “ingredients”. You can get a reward by feeding the “annual Beast”. “Food” can be replaced with friends.

Please check the game for details.

▼ Holding period
Wednesday, January 26, 2022-February 16, 2022 (Wed) 5: 59

※ Some quests can be achieved with the CPU.

Official Tournament Catfood Bowl - Minor #SnowTigerRoarCup - Finals

※ Some rewards according to the number of feeding are “stamp set” that can be used for a limited time, and there is a “Reflect BGM” that can only be obtained with events.

※ It is unified PT available in three mahjong and various special rules, will be 1/3 of the four mahjong.

※ Exchange of relevant PT and replacement of “food” are provided on a daily basis. Various upper limits are updated daily at 6 o’clock.

# Shiny an “Emoji Seven Wei (CV: Onega Akira)” & “Samir (CV: Shimono)” appeared!

“Sakai Seven Wei (CV: Obama Village)” and “Bamboo forest road” were newly implemented in “Sakura Road”, and “Samir (CV: Shi mono)” was implemented in “Bamboo forest road”.

Please check this opportunity.

# Over, New Decorative Pickup!

In commemoration of the Spring event, the chance of the emergence of oxide and new decorations will be up for a limited time. Please note that the pickup period of each sparrow is different.

Please obtain a sparrow who is concerned about this opportunity.

▼ New decorative
· Japanese expected: Kim Shankar color
· Requester production: 暗 梅
· Buttock: Visible Ruddy
· Sparrow table: Mocha UK bag sparrow table
· Betting: Literal Mahjong
· Hand decoration: Orange tiger hand

▼ Holding period
Wednesday, January 26, 2022-February 16, 2022 (Wed) 5: 59

※ Pickup of decorative goods is subject to “full bloom path” and “deep green path”.

※ Limited time ornaments will be eliminated from prayer after the event. It will be implemented again in the future.

# New arrival & reprint change appeared!

A new dress has appeared for a limited time for a long time with “Single, Princess” of Elsa (CV: CV: CV: CV: CV) and Nagoya Princess (CV: Ina).

Please check this opportunity.

▼ Holding period
Wednesday, January 26, 2022-February 16, 2022 (Wed) 5: 59

In addition, “History” of Adhara Mai (CV: Yuma Gucci) and “AYA ICU (CV: Nose Yuma) are being reprinted for sale.

Please check this opportunity.

▼ Holding period
Wednesday, January 26, 2022-February 16, 2022 (Wed) 5: 59

※ Dressing can not be used if you do not have a corresponding sparrow.

※ Dressing can not be purchased from “clothes shop” after the end of the sales period. It will be implemented again in the future.

※ You can check the cash on delivery from the warehouse.

※ Changing each sparrow can be changed from the dormitory.

※ [UMI dress change] can be set to ON / OFF for ugly from the dormitory. Please note that the ugly effect applies to some screens.

# “Song Soul (Jan Tampa)”

It is a Mahjong game that can play real-time players online and real time.

A variety of match styles such as a “tip game” that can play against players in the whole world You can enjoy a wide range from mahjong beginners to advanced users.

· Player plays against the character drawn with a cute character.

· Chat with other players can use a stamp of a variety of expressions according to the character.

· The voice of the character is a popular voice actor such as China, Amati China. You can hear the cute voice during the home screen and play.

· Characters are also configured with good sensitivity parameters, and you can use it as avatars and gifts them to improve preference. By increasing favorability, you can deepen the relationship with the character with the character in various scenes, such as the opening of the voices and avatar CG.

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