“Ivo Grlic offered his resignation and we accepted him,” confirmed Duisburg’s President Ingo Forest after the 1-3 against the BVB II at “Magenta Sport”: “He wants to make the way free for a new beginning.” Grlic comes after a claim of the fans, who last loudly left their displeasure free run.

Forest stressed that the pressure on Grlic, which as a player between 2004 and 2011 played a total of 182 games for the Zebras and since his career ended 2011 sports director of the MSV, had been “huge” – and that the criticism certainly “much” objectively entitled It was, “but it is also very much, very much went to the personal. Since so much is cluttered on him, so I can understand his decision. It is also a bit of self-protection – and you have to protect Grlic too.”

We have already had many coaches. We players have to judge it.

Moritz Stoppelkamp

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The 63-year-old also highlighted what Grlic has made for the club and emphasized that “at all criticism” should not forget “that the MSV would not exist if Grlic would not have been there in 2013. That the MSV at all Still playing professional football is also a great merit of Grlic. “

Schmidt’s future is uncertain

While that is sealed from Grlic, the fate of coach Hagen Schmidt, whose balance sheet with three wins, two draws and six defeats fails, has not yet been decided. “Surely the yield does not speak for the coach,” explained forest and announced: “We will think about it again. We will meet on Monday with all committees and in an elephant round in the big circle about the future of the MSV too Discuss. Since certainly all points will come to the table, which will discuss and decide. “

Generally, it is about the Duisburg from your “downward spiral”. “We have to take care that that does not continue,” said forest: “We have to get the head freely and somehow start a series so we come out there.” According to Captain Moritz Stoppelkamp, ​​the team had to create the team, because at the coach it is “definitely not. We have already had many coaches. We players have to judge – and we did not do that.” We did not do it. “