Webzen (Representative Kim Tae Young) prepared an affiliate event commemorating the launch of the new Mobile MMORPG ‘Muori (Mu Origin 3).

Devis Squer Event MuOnline Webzen season 16 part 2

We focus on the Affiliate Events of ‘Muorini 3’ and Convenience Store ‘Seven Eleven’ until Webzen is on the 31st.

The two companies are the “Muida” of the character brand ‘Webzen Friends’, “Jenny”, “Jimmy’,” Jenny ‘, “Jimmy’, ‘Khan’, and the ‘Kan’ character’s name,” Muorini 3 ” Presents the game item.

When you buy affiliate lunches at the convenience store in the whole country, you can get “10 resurrection 10” and ‘rare jewelry random packs’, and ‘Blue Dia 300’. If you type the scratch coupon number that was enclosed in the lunch box, the compensation is paid to the coupon tab, and the events when the volume is exhausted can be early.

Webzen is now actively collaborating with food and dining industry, including convenience store brand ‘Seven Eleven’, including convenience store brand ‘Seven Eleven’, including convenience store brand ‘Seven Eleven’, as well as a wide range of users.

In addition, Webzen continues to be a game event that allows you to enjoy the “Muorini 3” more fun.

First, I will open the ‘combat power race’ to start the strongest ‘Muorin 3’ to March 22. By selecting the top 30 combat power, the first place to present the prize ‘Apple iPad Pro’, and from the second to the second to the second, “Wings: Butterfly Wings (Permanent) and ‘Guard Jewelry’ and ‘Blue Dia’ give.

In addition, participating in the ‘Strong Guild Selection Competition’, according to Guild Ranking, ‘Road: Phantom Tiger (Duration),’ Majang ‘, and’ Majang ‘, and’ Level Achievement Event ‘, You can receive various growth items.