Hoyooverse officially introduced the players a new Valkyrie, which will appear in the update of 5.8 Honkai Impact 3RD.

Name: Griso
Belonging: The Thirteen Flame-Chesers
Weapon: Cross

Sign: Stars

Starry Impression is a PSY-type SP-valciria of near-battle, causing physical damage. As a weapon, she uses the cross and fights, spraying the colors, uniting with her partner, Mr., knight. Griso inflicts bleeding to enemies and enhances the command.

The new combat suit can be obtained in the following ways:

  • After the update is released, follow some adventures in the open world to get starry impression fragments.
  • From July 4, Starry Impression fragments will be sold in the combat asterit and Gold Pins, respectively.
  • In V5.8, participate in the events of the Story Chapter XXX and The Journey of Pancing Stars to get Starry Impression fragments.
  • After updating V5.8 and July 29, you are guaranteed to receive a SP combat suit Starry Impression for 25 drops from Starry Impress Battlesuit Supply. Meanwhile, access to the recommended Equipment of Starry Impression Supply will also open, and you are guaranteed to receive Elysian Astra weapons and a set of Depicter Impress Cezanne Stigm for 120 drops.