Bungie has mocked the possible return of a popular destine 2 gun. The provocation occurred during the last blog post of Bungie, in which the developer spoke about a possible new seal of crucible. During this, the new PlayStation study seems to provoke the imminent return of Luna’s Howl, a legendary hand cannon. And when you consider the reputation of the weapon in crucible, and when you consider that it was previously blocked behind the demanding progression of crucible, it makes sense that you could return along with a new seal of crucible.

“In the short term, we have another title that will arrive at the crucible,” Bungie said through the aforementioned blog publication. “We know that he is screaming a little more information, but expect additional details about that when we get closer to next season.”

Not only is the use of “howls” is notable, but it was emphasized with italics. Without this emphasis, it could easily discard this as nothing more than speculation, but it is difficult to deny that it is a deliberate provocation of Luna’s Howl. That said, for now we can not confirm it, so take it all with tweezers.

Of course, if Bungie provides some additional suggestions or offers some kind of clarification, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. If it is a deliberate provocation, then it is certainly possible an additional provocation, but a provocation may be that all fanatics will get before it falls. Meanwhile, if this is not a mockery, then the fans can finish burned by their anticipation because, like most developers, Bungie does not comment or address speculation, especially when it comes to future content or lack of it.

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