After a long wait, WWE 2K22 is officially here, and along with well-received My GM mode and a new and improved game, a way of creation has arrived with all the functions that has led to hundreds of hours creating new characters, Superstars of the WWE that were left out of the game, or alternative looks of current stars that are already in the game. He has also taken a group of stars from All Elite Wrestling to enter the game, with important names such as Chris Jericho, Thunder Rosa, Kenny Omega, Pac and more than already in the game. We have collected some of our favorite stars and AEW sands created here, and you can see them all from the next slide.

Those looking for AEW stars in WWE 2K22 can already find several to add to your unique list, including the aforementioned stars, as well as MJF, Malakai Black and Eddie Kingston.

Thunder Rosa is the New AEW Women's Champion | St. Patrick's Day Slam, 3/16/22

While these are just some of the AEW wrestlers created in WWE 2K22, if you examine the market you will now find even more, including the AEW team of Keith Lee, the Keith Lee team (even if you are already in the game) and Tay Conti There are also multiple versions of Rosa and Jericho, and Fight Brothers, FTR and more versions of Omega are in process or are already present.

You can press the next slide to see some of our favorite wrestlers created by AEW in WWE 2K22, and if you see more, let us know in the comments, or as always, you can talk about everything related to wrestling with me on Twitter @mattaguilarcb !