Medieval Dynasty: Buy and use mounts – that’s how it works

The prerequisite for possession and use of mounts is the stable.
You have to unlock this in the technology tree and build it in your village.
* Then you can buy horses and / or donkeys.

Medieval Dynasty | Guide to MOUNTS ???? | Tips for Horses & Donkeys

Horses are faster, donkeys have a slightly higher load.
* Horses buy in Hornica, donkey in Tutki.
You can find more information about the purchase of animals here.
* To be able to climb and ride, a saddle is the prerequisite.
You can also buy this in Hornica or make it yourself.
The further equipment of the mounts is saddlebags to further increase the load capacity.
Remember that horses and donkeys can be attacked by bears, wolves and the like.
In such situations, the 300 life points of the animals are completely destroyed, which would mean the loss of the mount.