_ Horizon Forbidden West _ It is a game that looks incredible both at PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, But since its launch a few days ago, users have been reporting problems related to the Calibration of HDR , as well as pop-in objects and textures. The good news is that Guerrilla Games is already working on it, and after the hotfix of last week, they are already planning to launch another update as soon as possible.

Via reddit , a spokesman for the company confirmed that they are working to solve some of the aforementioned problems, and the next patch that arrives for this game seeks to put an end to all of them.

“Thank you for sharing your visual problems through our support forums. The team is working hard to solve these problems. Please keep informing us from any other problem and if you can, share videos and let us know as much information as possible.

We understand your frustrations and appreciate your patience. We are doing our best so that they return to explore all the secrets of the West Prohibited. “

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Even with these problems, Forbidden West remains an experience that any user of PLAYSTATION must try, especially if you were a fan of the first game. You can know why we say this through our written review.

Editor’s note: It is good to know that guerrillas already put hands on the site with all these problems. Compared to some other current experiences, Forbidden West debuted in a great state and again demonstrates all the potential of the PlayStation Studios.