Actually, GTA online has promised a thick in-game amount of money with PS plus subscription. For quite some time, it has been raining monthly money gifts worth a million GTA dollars. But many players * inside complain that they did not get their free money at all. The community can make up for a certain reason.

GTA dollar not for all PS versions

What is the problem? On Reddit, a user reports that he first logged in GTA online for the first time to pick up his reward. But after login, he realized that the monthly amount of one million GTA dollar has not been addressed to his account.

How to Claim PS PLUS : free GTA$1000000 for GTA Online in PS4 Console?

The release trailer of GTA online on PS5 you can see here:

Why did not he receive his reward? In the comments, some users clarify that the problem believes that the user has logged in with the PS5 version. The GTA dollars were actually intended for the PS4 version, because at the time of the distribution, there was not yet the PS5 version.

What can he do about it? To get the GTA dollars for the PS5 version, the user must first log in with the PS4 account and transfer the character to the PS5 version.

How to transfer your character to you can read in our Xbox Series Guide:

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PS Store gives digestion

What the user probably did not do: In PS Store is clear and clear that the GTA dollars apply only to the PS4 version of GTA online. Thus, from the beginning, it was clear that the GTA dollars can not be accepted for the PS5 version.

Attention: You should decide well if you want to play on the PS4 or PS5. If your character transmits your character to the PS5 version, your score is gone on the PS4 version and you have to start from scratch. Currently it is not possible to play together between PS4 and PS5. Each version stands independently for itself, CrossSplay is not possible.

To the hard-working spares: What will you get from your GTA dollars?