Rough'n'Blue: GMT's Red Storm - RS4 Opening Rounds livestream 1

After five wins in the piece, the Greifswalder FC had to acknowledge a defeat again. The opportunities would have been so tall and tempting to put the peak Spvg Blue-White 90 Berlin on the fur, but after 90 minutes, the Berliner six counters were predominant instead of having the GFC at point equality.

Both teams had a respect for each other before 759 viewers and thus developed a tactical-embossed game in which the game shares were very evenly distributed under the stroke. The rash was the 71th minute: Berlin led a free-kick from the half-field, the header extension of Wiehach landed at Bömer, who headed the ball over the line. Since the final offensive of the Greifswalder remained ineffective, blue-white 90 could cheer the threesome in the top game.

Nerve game for Hertha Zehlendorf

The defeat of the GFC made the FC Hertha 03 Zehlendorf promptly on Thursday and climbed to second place. The eleven by Robert Schröder echoed with her style of playing his own fans, however, chewing the nails. Opponents RSV Eintracht Stahnsdorf heated the Hertha in any case neat. But in the 37th minute the evening seemed good for Zehlendorf to run, because there were foul feet. Stone joined, but shot over. However, the rising candidate remained in it and was allowed to cheer in the 55th minute when Cami gave himself in the penalty area and served in a small space for fruit that scored the 1-0. Stahnsdorf then practiced more pressure, which Zehlendorf could bother with difficulty. Also in short-mentioned, because in the 83rd minute Grabow saw the red card after an overwind. Hertha coach Schröder then said, “I think the victory is deserved due to the variety of occasions to the end. Of course we also know that we had a little luck in the first half. Such a victory is extremely good for morality “