Pokémoncards have been experiencing their second spring for several years. Those who still have well-preserved, rare cards has, can therefore even finance a whole house. Like, for example, with a Glurak card, which has now set up the record, to be the most expensive card of this kind at all. This is due to your perfect condition: It was equipped by the rating company PSA with the evaluation “PSA 10 Gem Mint” – it is not better.

Glurak card achieves absolute record price

Expensive Glurak so far: The US version of the first holo-glorak edition without shadows of 1999 represents something like the Holy Grail for Pokémonsammler * Inside. Only if the condition is so excellent, as in this case. The card has now changed the owner to an absolute record price and thus represents the most expensive Glurak card.

So much has cost you: $ 420,000 US dollars were paid for this special Glurak. There are more expensive pokemoniacards, but not many and not more expensive glorak. However, a similar Glurak has already been sold for the proud 369,000 US dollars. Rapper Logic has not paid $ 220,000 for the same card at all too long.

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Charizard Pokemon card sells for more than $400,000, setting record
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What is it? on the condition. PSA 10 Gem Mint is the highest possible rating, so the perfect condition. This card has never been kinked, spotted and has no scratches, stains or other signs of wear. She was obviously hunted like an eyeball and that is now paying off.

What is the most expensive pokémon card? There is a Pikachu Illustrator card, which has always broken the absolute record. Most recently, it was sold for just under a million US dollars (via Gamerant). However, in a suboptimal state, the rating was just near Mint 7. So even here there is still air up.

What is the most valuable pokémon card that you ever obsessed?