On the often damp course, the auto had damaged out unexpectedly and without an at first evident reason. Schumacher himself understood that he “was a little bit as well much out” in contour 14 as well as “misjudged”.

Huge crash for Mick Schumacher in qualifying | Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

At the end of March, an accident in Saudi Arabia caused distressed mins in Saudi Arabia, in qualifying DSchidda the German crashed into the path restriction with well more than 200 km/h. The auto got into three components. Schumacher made it through the accident, as a result of the fierce damage to his Haas, he did not take component in the Grand Prix the next day.

“I’m all right, I just don’t recognize it,” Schumacher triggered from his destroyed racing car. After staying in the Medical Center, Schumacher came to the microphone at “Sky” as well as described that he was “literally all right”.