Reddened. Games today announced the game Gem Wizards Tactics for the Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms.

In the game of the developer Keith Burton Games, players perform a fantasy army in a lap-based war with randomly generated cards and complex combat mechanisms. These can be combined to combat the enemy in a war to combat powerful OFNI Gems.

Leads the fight

Gem Wizards Tactics combines the well-known tactical game formula with different combat mechanisms and randomly generated cards, which ensures hours of single player’s fun! You take part in a war, in which it is not just about smashing the enemy — each battle is a complex puzzle that needs to be solved.

Company from hell

Some demon rises from the depths. It’s evil, and you wear suits — its business demons. You want to conquer everything with your consolidated hands, what you can! Follow the adventure of a young intern on an epic search for the truth about OFNI Gem!.

A war game like no other

With five nations and dozens of unique units — each with special skills — Gem Wizards Tactics will surprise you with the variety of methods available in the fight.

Push your opponents from the edge of the game board on the river you have just frozen, blocking their way with flames to get them up and with a penetrating attack to do or combines them to dominate the opponent — it’s up to you, how creative Your army leads!


  • Randomly generated cards that provide endless fun
  • Several combat mechanics that enable a variety of tactical combinations!
  • Five different nations with dozens of units with unique skills — combines them to unleash the hell!
  • Many game modes, including story mode, campaign and custom games
  • Card Editor with which you can create your own war scenarios
  • Colorful pixel graphics and a captivating soundtrack!