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Obtain absolutely cost-free Dex, an activity RPG embeded in a cyberpunk globe

You have till August 29 to assert Dex in GOG and maintain it permanently You can * case and download and install currently dex to join your GOG collection. The target date to get the title is up until August 29 **.

It is extremely typical that they often make a decision offer us some games on the face , as well as it is also valued due to the fact that you can be forever in your collection. The Epic Games Store is the store that does one of the most, but in GOG you can also get different totally free titles. This holds true of the Dex computer game.

The last free titles that customers have obtained are those of the Epic Games Store. This is content for Fate 2 with Ring of Pain. Furthermore, the games of next week have been exposed . Amazon also announced a number of days ago the games of September for Prime Video Gaming.

What is Dex? The title is established in a dark and also dangerous city called Harbor Prime in which we will need to deal with enemies utilizing our fists. We can additionally utilize stealth and also combine it with hacking mechanics. The story is embeded in the Ciberpunk books by William Gibson.

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It is very usual that they frequently choose offer us some games on the face , and also it is also appreciated since you can be forever in your collection. You have till August 29 to declare Dex in GOG and maintain it for life You can * claim and download and install currently dex to join your GOG collection. The deadline to get the title is up until August 29 **.

Words of 5 letters in which there is AE – help Wordle Game

Games in words have existed for a long time and are especially popular now. One specific game attracted attention: Wordle. This daily game in words can put players in a dead end, since they have only six attempts to guess the word from five letters of the day. Since there are so few chances, players need to carefully choose their assumptions.

words of 5 letters in which there is AE-Wordle List

Players can choose from many words in which there is AE. It can be difficult to come up with the right word, especially when there are so many options. The list below can give players a complete selection of their options:

All these words were tested in the game to make sure that Wordle accepts them. To play the game, players must come up with a word, introduce it and click enter attempt. If we missed some word or you noticed that some word is not suitable for you, tell us about this in the comments. In addition, do not hesitate to share your Wordle account below!

Are you still stuck after using this list? If so, we have an answer for you! Go to all Wordle answers in 2022 (updated daily) in professional games for games.

Riot, the documentary Cross of the Arcanes back story

Riot Games on the 5th ‘League of Legends (LOL)’ official YouTube channel, a special documentary series containing the production secret of its IP-based animation ‘Arcane’ (Bridging The RIFT )> Episode 1, ‘I only dream in risky’.

The arcane, which was released on Netflix in November 2021, is an animation series that deals with the rich city ‘Piltover’ and the underground city ‘Zaun’. ” Victor ‘,’ Silko ‘draws narratives of characters in three dimensions, and in one day, global OTT contents ranking site flicks Spat Netflix TOP TOP TV Show Division. I received it. As Arcane was greatly loved, interest in the production process has increased, and Riot Games has revealed the ‘cracking’ of Arcane’s back story.

The 25-minute I only have a dangerous dream tells the process of designing Jingx and Eco in Arcane, as well as the Fortiche Productions, which made Riot Games and Arcane together. In the process, Arcane co-producers Christian Linke and Alex Yee solve the motives for planning the arcane. In addition, various behind-the-scenes videos of arcane, such as Jace and Bai’s roof fighting test scene before full-scale production, will appear.

In the second half of the video, there is also a feeling that Mark Merrill and Brandon Beck, the founder of Riot Games, first faced the arcane project. In particular, the founder of Brandon Beck said, I had a lot of questions that I had not been able to produce animations. But rather, I pushed it to the end and decided that it was worth learning the related fields.

The Crack, which released the first episode with ‘I only have a dangerous dream’, will show the subsequent episodes sequentially through the official LOL official YouTube channel every Friday for the next four weeks. For more information about , please visit the LOL official YouTube channel.


Meanwhile, Arcane won the 49th Annie Awards TV/Media, Character Design, and Screenplay. He has been nominated for the drama series and animation category.

I heard a valve position on Steams 7: 3 fees

For domestic gamers, ‘Steam’ is a very close platform, but the valve Corporation that operates it is still far away. Compared to other companies that relatively frequently launches games and announce related news, there are too few news. The rumors sound everywhere, but it is inevitable that there are more questions.

Game Mecca has been presenting the Steam Deck domestic launch and visited the Valve headquarters in Seattle and has the opportunity to listen to the company’s culture, management policy, and steam policy. I met with Lawrence and Valve’s seventh-year-old engineer Pierre Loop Griffis, who have been working for 11 years at the valve.

There are many questions about the horizontal company structure unique to the valve. First of all, I would appreciate it if you answered some questions.

Q. There is a title, but it has no significant meaning except the boss and executive = no

Lawrence Miss (hereinafter referred to as Lawrence): There is no title in the first place. Only when you do a project, there is no position or position called. This is the most different part of other companies. There is only a name on the business card. Regardless of your career, you can be a representative of a project, you can be a junior, or you can work in various fields, so there is no specific title. He even does a project and does something else.

Pierre Loop Griffis (Pierre): Developers may participate in packaging design, and may have to write down press releases. After all, one person does not distinguish because he does a variety of things.

Q. If you have anything to say to the boss, Gabe Newwell, you can just go and say = Yes


Q. In order to participate in the project, an employee asks you to go directly to the project, or collect people to create a project = Yes

Lawrence: If I think it’s helpful, I can ask and participate. In some cases, they may go to the next person who is in the project, throw a one or two advice, and make a name in the project.

Q. If you don’t like it while the employee proceeds with the project, you can switch to another project = Yes



Q. It has been 25 years since the valve has been established, and what has changed so far, and what has not changed?

Pierre: There was a big change for nearly 10 years. It is that we have focused on developing hardware. I brought a lot of hardware developers from the outside, and the office also changed a lot. Not only the working space, but also the parts and experiences of visitors have changed somewhat. The company that made the game has been selling the game, and now I have made hardware. If there is only one change in the meantime, it is the fact that we are making games.

Q. What was the best thing about working for a valve?

Pierre: The best thing is that even if you do engineering, you can learn by helping other fields, not just that field. It was very good for various fields to coordinate as we combined each team.

Lawrence: It was very exciting to realize the company’s horizontal structure in the process of helping each other and working together.

Pierre: This structure takes a long time to conclude when decisions are made. This is because the opinions of each team have the same weight regardless of what they do. If this part is difficult, it may be a difficult part.

Q. There are a few negative words including Valve Time. What do you think about this?

Lawrence: I think it’s getting better in many parts. In particular, Steam Deck is making a lot of effort to communicate. In the case of ‘valve time’, after all the preparations are made and released, it will continue to be delayed. Do not make an appointment until the end of the perfect release. It’s better for consumers to get good things late, don’t prefer to receive bad things early.

** Q. Of the various platforms, Steam is steadily insisting on a 7-3 fee. There is a controversy over monopoly, and I think it will work against the competitiveness.

Pierre: Actually, it’s not completely 7 to 3. Products with high sales or profitable products are reduced. In addition, there are also many benefits provided only by Steam. It also provides marketing and language translation and free production tools. Recently, I also support creative yards and streaming services, and I think there is no big problem in the fee itself because I think it provides more than just receiving and selling games, such as creating new servers in each country.

Lawrence: I think that the accessibility has increased because of the recent steam decks. There are so many users and products, and the number of users is exceeded every year.

Q. Do you have any plans to adjust the revenue distribution structure of Steam?

** Lawrence: As mentioned above, we have a policy that already adjusts it according to profits.

Q. There are users who exploit a two-hour refund system, and many of the damage are played by short indie games. Do you want to use a policy that applies a different time to apply refund?

Pierre: We are always checking users who use it. I am also thinking about how to get rid of this problem. However, at this time, this policy is maintained by thinking that it is good for both consumers and developers.

Q. Do you know about the recent censorship of ‘ORC Massage’ in Korea? If you know, what do you think about the various porn games posted on Steam? Will you maintain the same key as it is now?

Pierre: Of course I know, and I was in contact with Korea, so I had to take such measures. Steam first prioritizes the regulations and laws of each country. Our goal is to give all the products to all users who use Steam, which can only be followed if it is not in Korean court.

Lawrence: Basically, it aims to inform and choose all games to consumers, and it is important to provide a lined filter in a game that is a tastes and problems. In fact, Steam users may not see information or games that they don’t want to know.

Q. I wonder if there is a plan to establish a branch in Korea.

Lawrence: I tried before that, but the results were not good. In fact, the way of working on the valve is very unusual. In order to maintain this method as much as possible, all employees had to be in one place. It was concluded that it would be difficult to communicate when branching was made, and it was difficult to maintain the way. Currently, all employees are working together in this building, and I will continue to do so.

Q. Recently, do you know about Korea’s deliberation regulations and autonomous deliberation regulations? If you know, do you want to join here?

Lawrence: Personally, I don’t know, but lawyers know about this and discuss how to respond.

Q. I want to ask about the game produced by the valve. Are there any games and new works that are being developed among other IPs other than Dota, such as counter strikes, portals, and half-life?

Lawrence: We are always making games, but I have nothing to say today.

Q. How is Half Life X currently being developed? Will it be a game to replace Half Life 3?

Lawrence: is the same. Obviously we make a game, but there’s nothing special.

CCP Games and Cloud Imperium Games will hold Battle of the Bricks charity event

CCP Games and Cloud Imperium Games decided to compete with each other as part of the Extra Life special charitable event supporting children’s hospitals. Next week, the Battle of the Bricks competition will take place on the air, and the general collection of funds will last until the end of this year.

Within the framework of the current charity campaign to raise funds, each team will try to build copies of ships from both MMOs using the details of the LEGO designer, while performing a variety of tasks. These tasks may include things such as eating acute chili pepper, a story of shameful stories or a demonstration of photographs. Eve Online and Banu Merchantman from Star Citizen were selected as models for construction.

The donation page, which describes the entire charitable event in more detail, is already open, and the event itself will take place on the next Friday, July 22, on the Twitch channel Star Citizen at 20:00 Moscow time.

As the various stages of collecting funds and donations reach CCP and Cloud Imperium, the wheel will turn the wheel to determine which call the team will be accepted by the next. Tasks may include eating some nastiness, eye blinding during the test, sabotage and much more. A complete list of possible tests will be announced during Stream.

The fundraising will last until the end of the year (December 31, 2022), and all the money raised will go to Extra Life, which will distribute them to Children’s Miracle Network to help children.

Electronic Arts chuckles at solo games on Twitter, the solutions of creators as well as players are unflinching

By this amusing message, the American gigantic desired to show when again all his love for multiplayer games, which are today the usual thread of their editorial line, while slandering solo games, which are less and less existing in today’s video game.

We will rather keep in mind the feedback of Zach Mumback, a former programmer of Visceral Games at the time of Dead Room and also Dante Inferno, that takes the opportunity to resolve his accounts in public, remembering that Electronic Arts is none various other than the company that made Close your studio, recalling in passing that EA marked games all have notes between 6 and also 7 (out of 10), not because the programmers have no ability, however due to the fact that Electronic Arts requires the workshops to go out the games quickly. On the gamers’ side, the solutions are also unflinching, some remembering that the multiplayer games of Electronic Arts have acquired lamentable notes in the press and also at the Customer Score degree for several years.


This little giant, this little shutoff was unfortunately not received in the same means by the players, but likewise with some creators of reporters and games who did not hesitate to reply to Electronic Arts. If individuals such as Cory Barlog have actually kindly protected solo games by reacting to the tweet, others like Vince Zampella (which nevertheless establishes ready Electronic Arts), has actually been scared by such a message. At Bioware, another studio benefiting EA, we keep in mind with Patrick Weekes, the hours invested functioning on the growth of Mass Result 2 to end up the video game in time, an era when the author generated Still solo games. Much less essential, the Obsidian Enjoyment studio preferred to say that the games are all wonderful, solo like multi, like that, we don’t get as well damp. Geoff Keighley, previous reporter as well as now animator as well as producer of large events such as Video game Honors as well as Summer Game Feast, was content to post the image of an old post where he is kept in mind: Computer systems can we Make it sob? is it adorable as a response. .


It is most certainly the most relayed and commented tweet of the last hours worldwide of video clip games, and also this attempted humor on the part of Electronic Arts ended in a bitter failing. Barely a couple of hours earlier, the EA neighborhood supervisor wanted to do a little wit on social networks. It’s Friday, the weekend break is coming close to, we have a little lighter mind, all of a sudden, we dare as well as we try things. It is in this context that Electronic Arts tweeted this little sentence which placed the fire to the powder.They’re a 10 yet they just like playing single-player games , which indicates in excellent French:LLS are worth a 10, however they only such as to play solo gamesThis little joke is really motivated by the very same The Ranking Game, which flows a great deal on Tik-Tok, and which consists in highlighting a person’s excellence, however which nonetheless has a single issue qualified of wrecking whatever. Basically, Electronic Arts indicated that players are exceptional individuals, however that they have just one flaw: they like solo games. By this funny message, the American gigantic intended to show once again all his love for multiplayer games, which are today the typical thread of their content line, while disparaging solo games, which are much less and also less existing in today’s video game.

If individuals such as Cory Barlog have actually kindly protected solo games by reacting to the tweet, others like Vince Zampella (which nonetheless creates games for Electronic Arts), has been frightened by such a message. At Bioware, one more workshop working for EA, we keep in mind via Patrick Weekes, the hours invested working on the advancement of Mass Impact 2 to end up the game in time, an age when the author generated Still solo games. We will instead remember the action of Zach Mumback, a former developer of Visceral Games at the time of Dead Area and Dante Snake pit, that takes the possibility to settle his accounts in public, remembering that Electronic Arts is none various other than the firm that made Close your studio, recalling in passing that EA marked games all have notes between 6 as well as 7 (out of 10), not due to the fact that the developers have no skill, but since Electronic Arts requires the workshops to go out the games urgently.

Redfall will like Arkanes followers: Dishonoreds developers discuss their common elements

Redfall was just one of the lead characters of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase from the start of the month, leaving us a great example of their gameplay that enables the general public to make their very own evaluations. Amongst them is if it is a title away from the essence that made its writers, Arkane Studios, a respected name be the name. On this as well as various other subjects have actually intended to answer in a meeting.

By doing this, Smith sells to the user a proposition where the DNA of the brand is still present, in which to face the common technicians of Arkane, in addition to a participating in an open globe. I want to state that If you are a arkane fan , as well as in what you are interested is a deep world building and construction, a first individual viewpoint, light auto mechanics of RPG, mechanical of stealth… all those points are In the video game and you will more than happy [with the outcome], Bare includes.

Each of our games is different from others, yet they have typical innovative values, states Ricardo Bare, imaginative supervisor of Arkane, in a vanal talk. All our games overlap enormously., claims Harvey Smith, supervisor of Arkane Austin.

What is Redfall and also when will certainly it get here

Redfall was scheduled to release this year, yet finally we will certainly need to await 2023 to take the tooth PC, Xbox Series X | S and also Game Pass.

Originally offered a year back, Redfall seeks to offer the player whatever you can prefer from a first-person cooperative shooter that is driven by a terrific tale, an experience embeded in an open world full of secrets, vampires and also highly in-depth atmospheres, where to recognize to a team of variopinto heroes as well as dominate strategic combat techniques and all type of weapons.

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Redfall was one of the lead characters of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase from the beginning of the month, leaving us an excellent sample of their gameplay that permits the public to make their own appraisals. Among them is if it is a title away from the essence that made its authors, Arkane Studios, a prominent name be the name. Each of our games is various from others, but they have typical innovative worths, says Ricardo Bare, innovative director of Arkane, in a vanal talk. In this method, Smith sells to the individual a proposal where the DNA of the brand name is still present, in which to run into the typical mechanics of Arkane, in addition to a participating in an open world.

On July 6 MMORPG Elyon, a new class will appear – Soulbringer

Kakao Games studio in a stylish video announced a new class for its multi-user role-playing game Elyon. Very soon, on July 6, everyone will be able to create an archetype of Soulbringer. But there is one nuance-the new character will be available first only on the Korean version of MMORPG. Those who play on Globala will have to wait about a month.


Soulbringer is perfect for those who prefer to lead the battles with paired blades. This is a near-battle fighter, the advantage of which is a high pace and speed of blows. He relies on a combo attack, inflicting fatal wounds to the opponents and exposing the weakness of their souls thanks to the use of specific magic.

Zelda for PlayStation 5: This indie

It always happens that a game draws clear inspiration from other titles. For example, the indie hit vampire survivors was inspired by the mobile game Magic Survival, and some games have such a big influence on industry that a complete genre is named after them. For example, soul-like titles often resemble the challenging games of from software with their combat system.

New indie title looks like Link’s Awakening

Often players have no problem with it when a title draws a little inspiration of competitors, but if the similarities become a little too much, the whole thing looks different. With this fate, the new indie project MySplaced is currently faced with. The Metroidvania was presented in the latest episode by IGNS Rogue Jam, and both users and IGN quickly noticed the similarities to the remake of Link’s Awakening:

_ “MySplaced is strongly reminiscent of the recently published remake of Link’s Awakening, but it could be more behind it than you think” _

In the end, the title did not win the IGN competition, since the jury had some concerns about the similarities to the Switch remake from 2019. A more precise insight into how similar the titles are actually provided, among other things, the Twitter user Lonelygoomba. The latter compared the two games and compared both the graphics and the level design. At least on the comparison he chose, the similarities are really amazing.

Of course there are also some voices, which rather put the rather impressive performance of the two -person development team in the foreground. Stolen or not, there is clearly a lot of work in the new project. And how do you say so beautifully?”Copy good artists, steal big artists.” _

MySplaced should appear both for the Xbox Series X | s and for PlayStation 5. With this, all players who do not have a Nintendo Switch can experience a little Zelda feeling. But what do you think of the whole? Are you bothering the similarities between MySplaced and the remake of Link’s Awakening?

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Gamescom 2022: Xbox could be present in August

While Xbox fans are looking forward to June to experience announcements and news on the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, Xbox could also plan something for August.

As is well known, Gamescom takes place and digital in August.
And Xbox could also be present in any form.
In any case, this heard journalist Jez Corden.
The extent to which Xbox will present on Gamescom cannot be said in advance.

Upcoming 2022 Xbox Games We Can't WAIT To Play!
In view of the many studios that develop for the Xbox platform, you will probably not be able to show everything at the show case in June and may not want to.

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