, which has been developed by Ukrainian invasion of Russia, is expected to develop in the Czech Republic.

STALKER 2 Cancellation Due to Russian Operation in Ukraine

22 days, Czech Game Webzine ‘Vortex’ argued that could continue to develop in the Czech Republic. A fan of the series mentioned the first in the Facebook Group called ‘Ratro Nation’, and the Czech Game Developer Association President and Game Journalists ‘Pavel Dobroski’ also said that the discussion is actually being d1. According to updated articles, the “GSC Game World” of will be moved to Prague.

It was not yet known that the whole studio was transferred to the Czech, and the development of only a part of it. The GSC game world is still not a formal entry.

GSC Game World is a game developer founded in 1995 in Ukraine Kiyu. Chernobyl nuclear power plant accidents were famous for the background of the “Stalker” series, and it was planned to release in 2022. Currently, the was postponed in the Ukrainian invasion of Russia, and the GSC game world refers to Russia’s invasion of Russia and said that “Staff Safety is the top priority”.