In addition to tactical battles, beliefs play a huge role in the game process Triangle Strategy. The convictions of Serena are determined which ways to open in the future chapters, what kind of people he will meet and will certain people will listen to him.

Sernel’s beliefs can rely on three philosophies: Moral , freedom as well as utility . The invisible value of morality, freedom and utility is added whenever you answer the questions of the dialogue when the request appears.

Nevertheless, every time you win a battle, to all three is added equally invisible value. Sometimes individual beliefs are also strengthened when you are talking to non-game characters when you explore cities and buildings.

Triangle Strategy Part 1 Chapter 1 Serenoa Meets Frederica Gameplay Walkthrough

Depending on your dominant belief, Sinema will be more difficult or easier to convince His comrades to make a choice when they use belief scales . The choice made using the scales of beliefs, branches the plot, dictates the battles that you need to win, and even regulates the complexity of these battles.

The convictions of Salea also affect units offer its services of his army. For example, if it is very liberal in his views and in the first chapters went to Esfrost instead of Chisant, it is later possible to recruit Korrentin Jennar.

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