It always happens that a game draws clear inspiration from other titles. For example, the indie hit vampire survivors was inspired by the mobile game Magic Survival, and some games have such a big influence on industry that a complete genre is named after them. For example, soul-like titles often resemble the challenging games of from software with their combat system.

New indie title looks like Link’s Awakening

Often players have no problem with it when a title draws a little inspiration of competitors, but if the similarities become a little too much, the whole thing looks different. With this fate, the new indie project MySplaced is currently faced with. The Metroidvania was presented in the latest episode by IGNS Rogue Jam, and both users and IGN quickly noticed the similarities to the remake of Link’s Awakening:

_ “MySplaced is strongly reminiscent of the recently published remake of Link’s Awakening, but it could be more behind it than you think” _

In the end, the title did not win the IGN competition, since the jury had some concerns about the similarities to the Switch remake from 2019. A more precise insight into how similar the titles are actually provided, among other things, the Twitter user Lonelygoomba. The latter compared the two games and compared both the graphics and the level design. At least on the comparison he chose, the similarities are really amazing.

Of course there are also some voices, which rather put the rather impressive performance of the two -person development team in the foreground. Stolen or not, there is clearly a lot of work in the new project. And how do you say so beautifully?”Copy good artists, steal big artists.” _

MySplaced should appear both for the Xbox Series X | s and for PlayStation 5. With this, all players who do not have a Nintendo Switch can experience a little Zelda feeling. But what do you think of the whole? Are you bothering the similarities between MySplaced and the remake of Link’s Awakening?

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