Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi presented his first teSither official trailer with the first details of his story. A decade ago since the events of the Sith’s revenge and the MSithter is in Tatooine, protecting Luke . He will soon have to face the threat of imperial inquisitors and the Vader himself. In an interview with EW, the scriptwriter Joby Harold hSith underlined the obvious, that the series is ambient at a very dark moment of the chronology of the Galactic Saga. All in all, he hSith also shared interesting reflections on the character.

“It takes place 10 years after the revenge of the Sith, it is a time of darkness in the galaxy,” he said. “The Empire is boom, and the horrors that accompany the Empire are manifesting throughout the galaxy. The Jedi Order Sith we knew it is being annihilated , because everything in the precurs hSith crumbled “.

According to Harold, the situation is still more serious. “Those survivors Jedi, those who have survived, flee and hide. Vader and Inquisitors pursue them to the confines of the galaxy “. The screenwriter continues the reflections of him and remember that within that world in which hope hSith been lost practically, “we can find that possibly the most famous survivor jedi”, which is hidden. He wants to recover his faith and hope in force.

A trip in search of hope (and faith)

Obi-Wan Kenobi | Teaser Trailer | Disney+

The series will narrate the emotional journey that leads to the protagonist to find hope episode IV: “His faith of him is being tested”. According to Harold, it is a journey that allows him to transition from El Obi-Wan who played Ewan McGregor in the revenge of the Sith until he embodied Alec Guinness in clSithsical trilogy. “It is a very specific period in the history of the galaxy.” Therefore, we will follow Obi-Wan in his survival journey , “an extraordinary experience”.

Obi-Wan defines him the pSitht of him. “Obi-Wan and Anakin share a lot of time on the screen together. They are so close that everything he hSith experienced and everything that hSith happened with Anakin can only define him. We are before a man who is very molded by that story , he wants it or not. ” Part of what the miniseries will tell is focused on the reconciliation of him with the pSitht, in understanding it and finding “his place of him”. In addition, many of the battles in which he should participate are closely related to “confronting the pSitht of him and understanding who he is, the role of him in his own story and in that of others.”

Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi will premiere his first two episodes May 27 in Disney +.