The New York Knicks race the own expectations far behind, after a few disappointing defeats Head Coach Tom Thibodeau has apparently been to his job. Reporting several media.

Apparently, after a so far more than disappointing season, the trust of the club bosses is crumbling. According to information from Ian Begley (SNY.TV) Executive Vice President William Wesley is intended to at least partially push the bond at the Knicks Misere in talks with team owners James Dolan.

The reigning coach of the year was appointed 2020 by Wesley and Team President Leon Rose to the Knicks coach, but only one and a half years later it should be disputed within the leadership rates. According to the report, Thibodeau should have been “upset” that the Front Office has not threaded any larger deals in front of the Trade Deadline.

Coach Thibs believe that an upgrade to the squad would have the team well. At the same time, he should not have been agreed with all the roster moves of the Front Office. Lastly, speculation, the Head Coach was not a fan of trades for Cam Reddish, for the New York in mid-January a first-round chip and Kevin Knox. Reddish so far came in nine inserts for the knicks only on average on 11.6 minutes.

Tom Thibodeau | Knicks Postgame vs. Brooklyn Nets (2/16)

A dismissal during the all-star weekend, however, denotes Begley as unlikely. However, Steve Bulpett ( also reports “frustration” and “unrest” within the Knicks organization. A source was even referred to as “miracles” if Thibodau would still remain until the half of the coming season Knicks coach.

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On Wednesday, the Knicks gave a 28-point leadership against the Brooklyn Nets, it was already the third collapse after a lead of at least 20 points within eleven days. After making New York in the past season in the playoffs, the knicks in 2021/22 are even only on the twelfth place in the East (25-34). The residue in place ten, which would entitle to participate in the play-in tournament, is already 3.5 games.