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Where can you play among us? – Steam, Mobile, (Consoles?)

How To Play Steam Games On Your Phone - Steam Link FULL TUTORIAL
Among us is one of the most researched games recently given its recent popularity. This is because it’s a simple game to understand, but also because it is free on an available platform, everything in cheap on the other. If you are looking to enter the game and start voting to hunt others from a spaceship while eliminating the rest of the survivors, so it’s here that you can play the game.

When writing these lines, Among US is only available on two platforms. First of all, the game can be downloaded from iOS and Android devices. If you wish, you can play the game for free on your phone, but there will be advertisements. However, for $ 1.99 you can buy a version without advertising. With this version of the game, you will make sure that all friends in your hosted lobby do not have advertisements either.

The second platform you can play at Among US is Steam. It only costs $ 5 to buy the game without free version available. To play with a friend about one or the other version, host a lobby and give them the need to find the room. With the crossed game available between Steam and Mobile, and the game servers being almost always full now, it does not take too much time to get a full lobby of ten people.

People looking to play the game on their salon console can be disappointed that they are the only platforms for which it is available. However, there is hope for the future. Innersloth, the creator of the game, announced that a suite is in preparation. Well named among us 2, the game has not quite started production at the time of writing this article, so it will be necessary for a while before it strikes digital stores. There is no ad for the current game to make its way on the Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox platforms, but with the growing popularity of the game, there is a relatively decent chance that the suite can make its way. In addition, there is no ad for an expected release date or price for Among US 2.

With such a small team working to work properly Among US servers, as well as any future work on the rest, we think there is no good chance for the current game to come to the salon consoles, Although this is possible.

Epic Games Store reveals the new free game this week

Thursday has come once again, and for Epic Games Store users, that means a new free game to claim! This time, users can engage relicta. The game is usually sold retail for $ 19.99, but users can get it for free until January 27 at 11:00 a. m. As with the previous free games at Epic Games Store, relicta should only be claimed at that time, and once it has been, users can play it at any time they wish. In other words, there is no need to hurry to try to finish relicta before the next free game is available!


Tweet of the Epic Games Store announcing relicta can be found embedded below. The readers who plan to claim the game for themselves can do it. right here.

For those who are not familiar, relicta is a puzzle game in the first person developed by Mighty Polygon. However, the game is not a game of shots, but assigns players the task of solving riddles, while exploring the Chandra Base, an abandoned installation on the Moon. Famded in the 22th century, players must use magnetic powers to resolve riddles based on physics as the mystery of the game develops.

Epic Games Store has also revealed the new free game next week: daemon x machina! The old exclusive of Nintendo Switch focuses on combat based on robots. Players are free to create and personalize their robot, and there are many ways to play, including online competitive battles, online cooperatives and single-player at 1 against 1 or 2 against 2. The title will be free from January 27 to February 3rd.

With luck, users can find something to enjoy during the next two weeks! The free weekly releases of Epic Games Store are an excellent way for players to try something that would not otherwise have. The personal preference of each player is different, and it would be impossible for Epic Games to serve everyone, but the platform does a good job changing the available genre every week. This could be the perfect opportunity for players to leave their comfort zone and discover a new favorite.

Do you plan to see the new free game this week? Have you been happy with Epic Games Store gifts lately? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Todays Fire codes January 20, 2022; All free rewards

Free Fire returns Battle Royale every day with your round of free reward codes. Today , 2 0 of January 202 2 , the popular Battle Royale allows its users Receive new cosmetics without having to go through a box. Once the exchanges will remain linked to your Arena profile. Remember that the title is available in Free Play format for iOS and Android devices.

FREE codes for today, January 20, 2022

  • FigureCTSL5ft.
  • 4ST1ZTBE2RP9.
  • Ff10gcgxrnhy.
  • FFPlowHansma.
  • R9uvpeyjoxzx.
  • Ffplpqxxenms.

How to exchange Arena Fire codes?

Redeem Free Rewards Codes at Free Fire requires going through a very simple process. Every 24 hours your managers publish a list in which you will receive cosmetics at no additional cost after redeeming it on this link. You must bear in mind that these will remain linked to your Arena Free Fire ID.

  1. To start, click on to access the official rewards portal, the reward exchange site .

  2. Now, log in with a free fire account from your chosen option: Facebook, VK, Google, Huawei, Apple or Twitter.

  3. Enter the twelve code (12) digits in the indicated space (be sure not to confuse some numbers with letters) and confirm.

  4. When you have confirmed the code you have selected, you will suffice from HBattle Royale ya to be reflected in your account.

When you finish the process you will see a confirmation message within a maximum period of 30 minutes : Do not desperate if you do not see them immediately. These codes are valid for 24 hours from the time of publication, so you have a very small margin so Battle Royale not to stay without them.

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