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PS Plus Premium: The first classic PSX games that will be in the service are filtered

A few days ago we met without too much surprise the implementation of the new PlayStation Plus formulas, the necessary subscription for PlayStation players, either on PS4 or PS5, to be able to play online. If the basic formula offers monthly free games, the new subscriptions promise amaze .

If Sony has announced several different subscriptions, including that of PlayStation Plus Premium, The respective contents remain quite concise until today , even if we already know that there will be hundreds of games available for us. However, PS Plus Premium titles seem to have leaked.

¿Retro de PS Plus Premium games on the march? Here are the first names

Reddit , What a wonderful social network in which we can find absolutely everything! And it was without the users who investigate as authentic detectives, and thanks to one of them the first retro games were discovered to the PS Plus Premium formula .

Although we only have 5 names, we should still find giants of the time with Tekken 2, Ridge Racers 2, Mr Driller, Worms World Party and Worms Armageddon .

As a reminder, ** The PS Plus Premium formula will allow players of 700 titles in total.

However, despite this good news, we still have no idea of the AAA titles that will be available, but we can expect heavy and legendary titles.

When will the new PS Plus subscriptions be available?

Sony has formalized the arrival of new subscriptions to PlayStation Plus A from June 2022, and more precisely on June 22. A summer under the sign of video games!

Finally, the manufacturer had also announced good news regarding the different formulas, stating that players can change their subscription very easily. You just have to pay the difference according to the remaining number of days.

As a reminder, there will be in all and for all the 3 types of subscriptions with PlayStation Plus Essentials, PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium Currently, the formula corresponding to the PS+ that we all know will be the PlayStation Plus Essentials. You will keep your few monthly free games, your discounts and continue to allow you to play online.

PS Plus Extra will include the same benefits as Essentials but with a significant addition of a library of 400 PS4 and PS5 games, all downloadable.

The first PS1 Games are LEAKING on PS4/PS5! - PlayStation Plus Premium LOOKS GOOD
Finally, PS Plus Premium will include all the benefits of PS Plus Essentials and PS Plus Extra, in addition to 340 additional games, including PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Saudi Arabia

The show continues: After the attack on an oil bearing in retreats, Formula 1 continued her hunting in Jidda. Sergio Perez conquered his first pole position – but that was almost less.

Mick Schumachers Haas race car shredded into three parts, on the high-speed course of Jidda was a more expensive bunch of scrap – and the worry around the 23-year-old held the Formula 1 long minutes in breath.

Almost irrelevant that the Mexican Sergio Perez for the second season race on Sunday (19.00 mesz / sky) took his first pole position at all. An edge note that record world champion Lewis Hamilton with rank 16 experienced a sporty debacle. Almost forgotten that the event was threatened by the cancellation in the early morning hours because of a stop.

After Schumacher Crash passed more than half an hour of the bang wait, marriage his team boss Günther Steiner gave first all-clear. “Mick is with full awareness, he talked to his mother. He has no external injuries. Now he does a safety check in the hospital,” explained the South Tyrolean at SKY.

Haas pilot Schumacher crashed on the ultrafast and close city course with much more than 200 km / h in the route limit, which qualifying was interrupted for more than an hour due to extensive salvation and cleanups. Although the Haas Rennstop gave carefully all-clear in the evening, the son of the record world champion Michael Schumacher in the race on Sunday (19.00 pm Mesz / Sky) will not be.

Hamilton debacle: Experiment fails

Perez referred to his premier pole in the 215th starting the Ferrari pilots Charles Leclec and Carlos Sainz just on the places, only behind it followed in his teammates Max stages of the reigning world champion. “I needed a few races. I could drive 1000 rounds and I do not think I could beat this round,” joked Perez.

Hamilton experienced minutes before the Schumacher crash a crissful sporty defeat: In the Q1 he was last left almost five years ago. “I had problems with the balance. We are not where we want to be,” he explained.

“At Lewis, we tried an experiment that went into the eye. We could have saved ourselves,” said Mercedes Motorsportkef Toto Wolff: “We’re missing the pace somewhere in no man’s land. It’s time to wake up. “

The World Champion Team Mercedes, serial winner of recent years, finds very difficult to the season under the new regulations. After his own statement, Hamilton is considering a complete conversion of his W13 – then he would have to start from the pit lane on Sunday. His new teammate George Russell at least got six place. Nico Hülkenberg, who replaced the Sebastian Vettel infected with Corona, occupied the 18th place in the Aston Martin.

Pilot discuss “Variety of Options”

Until Qualifying, Dschidda had gone very different topics. On Friday, a stroke of Yemeni rebels on an oil bearing in sight of the racetrack had the discussions about a cancellation. Even a driver bowcoat was temporarily in the room.

With the cloud of smoke, it had been difficult to remain fully focused on racing on the high-speed range, the driver association GPDA explained. That’s why you have exchanged yourself to the night. A “variety of options” had been discussed, as it is meanday.

Only after Saudi-Arab government officials would have explained, the security measures would be “up to a maximum”, the pilots have come to decide to rise to the car.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Saudi Arabia – the Liveticker for reading

Good bye!
We say goodbye to a long qualifying evening of Formula 1 in Saudi Arabia. Continue tomorrow with the race. We are again live again. Until then!

Hamilton is leaving in Q1
Mercedes had to accept a mighty damper. Lewis Hamilton was difficult to get out of the Bolid a good time, and in the end actually exercised as an 16th in Q1. It’s the first time since Brazil 2017, that Hamilton had been a closing time in a Q1. For George Russel, it was at least six place. Also at Aston Martin, given the starting places 15 and 18 you should not look at the day. The day was difficult for McLaren on the ranks elf and twelve.

Violent crash of Schumacher
Mick Schumacher showed good qualifying, but a small mistake then caused a long minute to the track. The German had touched a notch and was then crashed into the wall at high speed. First information after he was lucky in misfortune and stayed without injury. For safety is Schumacher for further investigations in a nearby hospital. Let’s hope the best!

Pérez brings the pole for the first time
Trapped all languages ​​from the duel between Ferrari and Max. In the end it was Sergio Pérez in the second Red Bull, who could strike in qualifying. The Mexican brought when it came to it, his best lap towards and seemed shortly before Leclerc. For Pérez it is the first pole of his career. Overall, however, it remains the duel between Ferrari and Red Bull. Behind the top four gives bigger gap.

End Qualifying
Qualifying on Jeddah Street Circuit is over and the cars come back to the garages. Esteban Ocon becomes fifth before George Russell and Fernando Alonso. Valtteri Bottas, Pierre Gasly and Kevin Magnussen complete the top ten.

Sergio Pérez wins the qualifying of Saudi Arabia Grand Prix
Max stapping can not miss his teammate the party! The pole goes to Sergio Pérez. He was faster than Charles Leclerc faster 0.025 seconds. Carlos Sainz was with 0.202 seconds distance from third parties. For max stages remained with 0.261 second residue only fourth place.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Saudi Arabia now in the Liveticker – the results of the Q3

Rank Surname
1 Pérez
2 Sainz
3 Leclerc
4 Stip
5 Ocon
6 Russell
7 Alonso
8 Bottas
9 Gasly
10 Magnuss

Formula 1: Qualifying in Saudi Arabia now in the Liveticker – End of the Q3

New best of Sergio Pérez in Q3
It remains exciting! Sergio Pérez skin a really strong round out and with absolute best times in the two final sectors he takes over the lead the lead.

New best of Charles Leclerc in Q3
Charles Leclerc marks a new best time in Q3! With a 1: 28.225 it goes over the line. 0.177 seconds he was faster than Sainz. Can that still be anyone?

LECLERC with best time in the first sector
Charles Leclerc at least tries it. The Monegash just delivers the absolute best time in the first sector.

It goes into the showdown!
It goes into the second Runs in Q3 and thus in the big showdown around the poles. Can someone still beat the time of Sainz?

Boxing radio Max stapping
“I just have no grip on this tire,” scolds stages over radio. After the first exchange exchanger, Sainz is just in front of Leclerc. Pérez is third in front of Ocon and Alonso.

Tapping far away
While Sergio Pérez can sit in third place, Max must stood well after his first rapid round. 0.8 seconds are missing and that is currently only six place for the world champion.

New best of Carlos Sainz in Q3
Carlos Sainz marks a new best time in Q3

The first flying rounds
It goes on the first flying rounds in Q3 stand on! Leclerc begins with

Q3 started
It goes on with Q3 and the fight for the poles. Currently Ferrari seems stronger. Does Red Bull find an answer? The Ferrari and stages are already on the track.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Saudi Arabia now in the live ticker – start of the Q3

Q2 ends
Q2 is finished! Rando Norris, Daniel Ricciardo, Guanyu Zhou, Mick Schumacher and Lance Stroll are excreted. For George Russell, it ranged ten slowly for the progress.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Saudi Arabia now in the Liveticker – the results of the Q2

Rank Surname
1 Sainz
2 Leclerc
3 Pérez
4 Stip
5 Alonso
6 Bottas
7 Gasly
8 Magnuss
9 Ocon
10 Russell

Formula 1: Qualifying in Saudi Arabia now in Liveticker – End of the Q2

New best time from Carlos Sainz in Q2
And he brings the new best time in Q2 once. With a 1: 28,686 he was scared 0.94 seconds faster than teammate Leclerc.

It goes on the final round
The time is progressing and now is not much time for improvement. Fast on the road is currently, among other things Carlos Sainz.

Fresh softs at Ocon and Bottas
Most of the driver drove back to the route with a used soft. On fresh soft tires are Bottas and Ocon.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Saudi Arabia now in the Liveticker – the race is continued

It goes back to the track
After almost an hour’s break, it is now back on the track. Who can get the best of the best for the last few minutes? The previous best time has Charles Leclerc.

The first drivers are ready
It does not take much longer to restart and the first drivers are on the punching trim traffic light.

At 19:40, it should continue
It does not mean waiting long, then continue with qualifying. At 19:40, the route should be released. In Q2 then still under 5 minutes on the clock.

Cleaning action continues
The cleaning campaign at the accident site continues and there is no information when qualifying continues. Of course you want to ensure that the site can not represent any risk for all other pilots.

Statement of the FIA ​​
There is now an official statement of the FIA. “The examination in the Medical Center did not give injuries,” confirming the info of Haas. “Schumacher was brought to King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital for precautionary investigations in Jeddah.”

“In full awareness”

“He has no external injuries, is fully consciousness.” Günther Steiner, team boss of Haas, just added Sky’s update to Mick Schumacher, who has just broken up with the helicopter towards hospital, where he will undergo further investigations. But Steiner says: “He had lucky.”

It is called wait
Meanwhile, with a large device, the accident site is further cleaned. Two large trucks are advanced to remove the binder from the road. On the high-speed course, it would otherwise be too dangerous when the route is released. The drivers are now all off the bolides. One introduces itself for a longer break.

Lewis Hamilton Post 2022 F1 Qualifying Interview In Saudi Arabia

Update of Schumacher
From Haas there is new information about Mick Schumacher. The Germans should be good for the circumstances. He could have already talked to his mother. Furthermore, it states that there would be further investigations and Schumacher may be brought to the hospital as a precaution to a scan. Meanwhile, the accident site continues to work.

Continue pause
FIA race director Niels Wittich is now at the scene of the accident and gives himself an overview. There is no info when it can continue.

No update
There was no update from the race line when it should continue here. Even with Mick Schumacher, there are only reports, after which it should give the suspicion of a concussion. Officially known is not yet.

remains red
Meanwhile, the session is still interrupted. At the accident site continue to run the cleanup.

Schumacher in the route hospital
The ambulance has now arrived in the pit lane and turns into the route hospital. Maybe a small positive sign that it does not go directly into a hospital away from the track. Further information is not available yet.

Accident is cleared
Remains to hope that Schumacher remained in the crash without great injuries. After the German was salvaged from his car, there are pictures of the cleanup of the accident site. The bolide falls apart when lifting behind. This shows how much force has worked in the impact. Let’s hope the best.

New information from Haas
There is new information from the Haas team. Through Twitter, one informs that Mick Schumacher was awareness and out of the car. He now settles on the way to the Medical Center.

Ambulance on site
Also with Haas keeps you covered. Twitter only speaks of a “big crash” and explains that the Medical Car is at Schumacher. The TV images that are started from far away show that an ambulance arrived at the scene of the accident. Schumacher seemed to have touched the curb in curve 9 and then slammed directly into the wall.

No info
Bange moments in Jeddah. Meanwhile, the Medical Car has arrived at the scene of the accident. Schumacher still seems to sit in his car.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Saudi Arabia now in the Liveticker – Red flag after a crash of Schumacher

Red flag
Red flags! There was a fierce crash of Mick Schumacher.

Who is currently excreted?
Currently not in Q3, Pierre Gasly, Guanyu Zhou, Daniel Ricciardo as well as Kevin Magnussen, Lance Stroll and Esteban Ocon. Mick Schumacher is currently on.

Also stages does not pass
Also Max Stapen Can Leclerc can not remove its top position. Short 0.062 seconds are missing for the best time, which sets up in third place.

Pérez just behind it
Sergio Pérez is just just behind Charles Leclerc with 0.041 seconds, but was already with a fresh soft on his round.

New best time from Charles Leclerc in Q2
And then Schumacher then also displaces the leading position. A 1: 28,883 skin of the Monegash out. Like Schumacher he is also on a used soft.

There are the first times
There are the first time. Currently Mick Schumacher leads with a 1: 29.920. A decent time, but soon should be history. Leclerc is soon through.

Q2 started
Start from Q2! In the next 15 minutes it is about securing a place in the top ten. It will quickly get fully on the track, the bulk first goes on a used soft.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Saudi Arabia now in the live ticker – start of the Q2

Boxing Lewis Hamilton

“I’m so sorry, people,” Hamilton appears visibly frustrated over funk. For him it will start tomorrow from far behind. George Russell, however, came as a good fourth one round.

Q1 ends
What a big surprise! Lewis Hamilton actually does not create it in the Q2. As 16. falls out of the Brite and will have to start from far back tomorrow. Alex Albon, Nico Hülkenberg, Nicholas Latifi and Yuki Tsunoda, who could not take time with a technical defect, are also eliminated.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Saudi Arabia now in the Liveticker – the results in the Q1

Rank Name Time
1 Sainz 1: 28,855
2 Stipen +0,073
3 Leclerc +0,184
4 Russell +0,825
5 Bottas +1,080

Formula 1: Qualifying in Saudi Arabia now in Liveticker – End of the Q1

Also Hülkenberg is currently out
Nico Hülkenberg would also be eliminated. The Aston Martin rooted just late. Is there anything else?

Boxing Lewis Hamilton
“I can not see that I can still improve myself,” says Hamilton from boxing radio. “Are we in danger.” The box confirms. Hamilton has further eliminated.

Schumacher lays to
Mick Schumacher can get up again and he can improve on the eleventh place. And Hamilton? That would be currently excreted as 16.

Russell jumps forward
George Russell can now increase significantly again and it goes forward for the British to the fourth position. Hamilton is now only 14.

Schumacher in Panel Elf
Mick Schumacher is now pushed back to the eleventh place. He is currently better on the way as Hamilton.

New best time from Carlos Sainz in Q1
The Ferrari pops really strong times! A 1: 28.855 skin Carlos Sainz out. 0.184 seconds he leads to teammate Leclerc. Trapped is whopping 0.475 seconds behind third parties.

New best time of max stages in Q1

Max stages marks a new best time in Q1. With a 1: 29.330 it goes loose past the previous leader. But the Ferrari are currently really fast. Can you put the counterattack?

Boxing radio Yuki Tsunoda

Alphatauri there are difficulties. “You have to get to the box, we have a problem,” Yuki Tsunoda gets fucked to the box.

Mercedes now with soft

After Mercedes went the first few minutes of qualifying on the medium, it goes back to the route after the interruption now with the soft tire.

Route released

The route is released again and it does not last long, then the first bolides are on the asphalt band. There are still the two Haas in the lead.

Boxing Nicholas Latifi

“I do not know how the tail could just break out there,” says Latifi about radio. Fortunately, Latifi seems to be well and the car is very close to an emergency exit, so it can be easily recovered.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Saudi Arabia now in the Liveticker – Red flag after a crash of Latifi

Red flag

Qualifying is interrupted with red flags! Nicholas Latifi stands in one of the barriers.

Schumacher is standing behind Magnussen

At Mick Schumacher, it fits well in the second start and it settles with a tenth behind behind teammate Magnussen on the second position. Eleven drivers have completed a tieful round.

Red Bull also on the way

Red Bull is already on the way and drives the first rounds in qualifying. Still in the box are four drivers.

New best of Kevin Magnussen in Q1

There are the first lap times in Q1. Currently, Kevin Magnussen introduces the result list. 1: 30.425 minutes places the Dane. 0.143 seconds slower was Lando Norris.

Ferrari already on the way

The two Ferrari drivers have already gone directly on the track. Likewise Mercedes. Both Hamilton and Russell are initially on the medium.

Start Qualifying

The traffic lights are on green, the start of qualifying in Jeddah is d1. In the next 18 minutes, it’s about creating it in the top 15. Already on the track is among other things Mick Schumacher.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Saudi Arabia now in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: The conditions ****

The sun has gone down in Jeddah. The route temperature is 26 degrees before qualifying. The air temperature is 25 degrees.

Before starting: McLaren and Aston Martin wide back

Not only Mercedes is currently behind the expectations. Even with McLaren and Aston Martin, it does not fit together so far. Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris blew only the places 16 and 19 and Lance Stroll and Nico Hülkenberg went to the third session at positions 16 and 18.

Before starting: Bottas strong, also Magnussen in Top Ten

Good in the training was Valtteri Bottas in Alfa Romeo. The Finn steered his Boliden in 3rd training in five place. Even at Kevin Magnussen in the Haas, it seems to fit despite a difficult Friday and little roadside on the track. He was good eighth. Mick Schumacher landed in the second Haas square twelve.

Before starting: Mercedes bottled ****

The mood is likely to be very different from Mercedes. The top team of recent years continues to be heavy with the new cars and for Lewis Hamilton, in the final break exchange before qualifying, it was just on eleven. George Russell was only 14. So there must be an increase if you do not want to run danger to miss Q3.

before the start: Ferrari against Red Bull ****

Also on the second race weekend of the season is the duel again Ferrari against Red Bull. Charles Leclerc decided all three trainings for himself, but it was close to the heels, but Max was stapping in the Red Bull. Also behind the duo it went tight to: Sergio Pérez and Carlos Sainz were also close to the best time of Leclerc.

Before starting: racing backs in the background ****

The events on the track at the Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia quickly slid into the background on Friday. Yemeni Huthi rebels had attacked an oil refinery near the racetrack on Friday afternoon and ensured for concern for safety at the racetrack. To deeply deep at night was discussed on Friday, whether under these circumstances, how planned to continue with the program. Finally, those responsible are decided to hold at the schedule.

Before starting: Who secures the poles this time? Ferrari pilot Charles Leclec cheered a start-finish victory at the start-up trace in Bahrain last weekend. Max stappen landed at the time trial in second place, but then left the Grand Prix prematurely, so that with Carlos Sainz the second Ferrari driver could secure second place on the podium. The Spaniard had gone to third place in the race.

Before starting: After the three training sessions, this weekend in Formula 1 in Saudi Arabia will now be really serious for the first time. For the race tomorrow’s Sunday evening (19 o’clock), the starting formation is determined today by qualifying. It starts at 6 pm.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the live ticker!

Formula 1: Qualifying in Saudi Arabia today live in the TV and Livestream

In the Free-TV you will not live live the qualifying today, the rights to transfer the complete Formula 1 season are located in the pay-TV station SKY. Accordingly, you have to turn on there to watch the time trial.

The preliminary information on the transmitter SKY Sport F1 start at 17.30. Commentator is Sascha Roos, as an expert acts Ralf Schumacher.

Stream the Formula 1 season: Secure the SkyTicket now.

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Formula 1: the racing calendar 2022

No. GP of… (Place) Route Time winner
1 Bahrain (Sakhir) Bahrain International Circuit 18.03. – 20.03. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)
2 Saudi Arabia (Jidda) Jeddah Street Circuit 25.03. – 27.03.

Australia (Melbourne)

| 0. Albert Park Circuit | 08.04. – 10.04. |
4 | Italien Rega) | Woodedone enzo and dino ferrari | 22.04. – 24.04. |
5 | USA (Miami) | Miami Street Circuit | 06.05. – 08.05. |
6 | Spain (Barcelona-Montmeló) | Circuit De Barcelona-Catalonia ( 20.05. – 22.05. |
7 | did Monaco (Monte Carlo) | Circuit de Monaco | 27.05. – 29.05. |
8 | AserbaBschan (Baku) | Baku City Circuit | 10.06. – 12.06. |
9 | Kanada (mortal) | Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve | 17.06. – 19.06. |
10 |ness Großbrian (silvertone) | Silveretone circuit | 01.07. – 03.07. |
11 | Österreich (spielberg) | Red Bull Ring | 08.07. – 10.07. |
12 | Frankreich (Le Castellet) | Circuit песни 22.07. – 24.07. |
13 | UNGAR (Budapest) | Hungaroring | 29,07. – 31.07. |
14 | Belgien (Spa francorchamps) | Circuit by Spa-Francorchamps | 26.08. – 28.08. |
15 | Niedleande (zandvoort) | Circuit Park ZandvOort | 02.09. – 04.09. |
16 | Italienorn (Monza) TASIDNOWN MZZZA | 09.09. – 11.09. |
17 | TBA | TBA | 23.09. – 25.09. |
18 | Singapur (Singapop) | Marina Bay street Circuit | 30.09. – 02.10. |
19 | power of the 19 | Japan (SuZuka) | Suzuka International Racing Course | 07.10. – 09.10. |
20 | This thing USA (AUSTIN) | Circuit of the americas 21.10. – 23.10. |
21 | Mexiko (Mexiko-Stadt) | Alexo Hermanos Rodriguez | 28.10. – 30.10. |
22 | Brazilian (Sao Paulo) | AutoódroRo José Carlos Pace | 11.11. – 13.11. |
23 |

Dhabi’s Arabic Dereyign (Abu Dhabi)

| 0. Yas Marina Circuit | 18.11. – 20.11.

Grand Prix von Saudi

In the first training of Formula 1 before the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia, Charles Leclerc is the best time. The Monegasse was on Friday in the Ferrari on the city course of Jeddah 0.116 seconds faster than defending champion Max stages in the Red Bull. Third, the Finn Valtteri Bottas in Alfa Romeo was in front of Carlos Sainz in the second Ferrari.

Tapping world champion and Red Bull had experienced a debacle in the previous week when both cars fell shortly before the end on podium course. “We have to get better. If we want to fight for the title, we can not do many such races as in Bahrain,” said stages before the second seasonal run on Sunday (19 o’clock, live! At champion Max). His racing team insured the technical problem with the gasoline pump was found and cleared.

Charles Leclerc Crash @ Jeddah - Turn 22 - Saudi Arabian GP

Refrigerated residue had the Mercedes pilots on the first practice rounds. Record world champion Lewis Hamilton was ninth, his British compatriot George Russell came back to the garage. Nico Hülkenberg, who again represents the Corona-infected Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin, did not come out in 16.

The training for the Haas team was growing sober. Mick Schumacher became the penultimate. His Danish Stallrival Kevin Magnussen, in Bahrain still surprisingly fifth, could not drive a tieful round because of a hydraulic problem.

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