Dan Kim Nguyen is writing this to his project:

“Path to etinway is a fantasy-rpg adventure game in which you play a lonely warrior who travels through a foreign country full of secrets and dangers. On your trip, you discover new environments and fight against different enemies to gain new skills and to improve your skills.

Experience a fantasy adventure in which you will discover the truth about etinway. Improve your skills and get new skills while you discover the many secrets hidden in this new country. On your way you will travel through different environments, find new allies and put you in many enemies. Take you in front of the many dangers in eight you will meet on your journey through this beautiful but treacherous landscape. Become on your way to etinway to the warrior who are intended to be. “

\ – A fantasy world in which you can explore cities, castles, ruins and night.
\ – A fantasy single player adventure campaign.

Path to Etinway - Official Unreal Engine 5 Gameplay Trailer
\ – Various enemy game figures and endpers with different skills that will make your skills as a warrior “.

We remember: As part of the show “State of Unreal” Epic Games announced the obvious. Not even a year after the start of the Early Access for the Unreal Engine (Buy Now) 5 allows for the time to download the Final version of the EPIC engine. With this version you want to enable big and small teams to create next-gene content. The UE5 enables “next-generation real-time 3D content and experiences with greater freedom, accuracy and flexibility than ever,” EPIC.

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