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The red and blue Pokemon fans video reimagines the game with an original artistic style

When Pokémon red and blue launched for the first time, the game was accompanied by a large amount of excellent art of Ken Sugimori. The impressive art of sugimori watercolor can be found in the instruction manual, the player’s guide, the promotional material and more. Over the years, Sugimori’s style has evolved a lot, but many old school fans still love art and original Pokémon designs. The artist Fan @pokeyugami on Twitter decided to take Sugimori’s style and imagine how he would be applied to a modern Pokémon game. The result is nothing less than impressive and a must for life fans!

The @Pokeyugami video can be found below.

I Made Pokemon Red & Blue but its 3D

In the video, we can see Red walking through the Viridian forest, going through a little handful of Pokémon that can normally be found in the area, including Caterpie, Weedle and Pikachu. There is also a catcher bug that seems ready for battle. The user interface is clearly based on Pokémon Legends: Arceus, with poke balls and potions in the lower right of the screen, and the backpack and pokedex assigned to the same buttons that are in the Nintendo Switch game. Clearly, @Pokeyugami thought a lot about the creation of this video!

It is difficult to exaggerate how great this video is. There is something really lovely in the ancient art of Pokémon, before each character design was strictly in the model; Game Boy graphics left space for greater artistic interpretation. It is also one of the reasons why I am a great admirer of the comic art of Pokémon from Toshihiro Ono. For some reason, The Pokémon Company has not made any art book collecting ancient material, apart from one based on thePokémon_ manga, although we are never likely to make a real game with the old sugimori style, it would be good for old fans for old fans and new see all that artistic material compiled in one place. For now, we will only have to keep bothering The Pokémon Company for something to happen!

What do you think of this video made by fans? Would you play a Pokémon game with this art style? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

PlayStation Removes the annual subscription to PS NOW

With the arrival of the new PS plus in the middle of this year, many fans have been concerned about the price of this service. In this way, yesterday an exploit was revealed that allowed many users to get a subscription to the most expensive category halfway using the PS NOW. However, this was not from PlayStation, who have abruptly eliminated the annual payment method to PS Now.

Sony quietly removes PS Now annual offer from the PSN store
It all started thanks to an exploit on the PS Store, where users were allowed to buy Subscriptions from PS Now for $ 60, while PS Plus Premium will cost double. In this way, once the new service arrives in June, all these people would have the best service just half the price. However, this is already impossible, since the annual subscription through browsers has been eliminated, leaving only the option of monthly payments.

While PS NOW subscribers will automatically go to the premium level , existing PS Plus users will pass at the essential level at no additional cost . PlayStation is not the only one who suffers from this problem, since Xbox users have also found a way to get subscriptions to Game Pass at low prices, although this company has not tried to eliminate this type of acts.

On related topics, these are PS Plus games for April. Similarly, Jim Ryan ensures that more than 200 Publisher will be present in the new PS Plus.

Editor’s note:

This was to be expected. There were cases where some users obtained up to six years of PS Now, which will become a subscription of a sexennium to PS Plus Premium just half price. This will not be the last time we listen to something like that, the players always find the way to take advantage, and pay the minimum.

WWE fans discontent because Zelina Vega, Aliyah and more were out of DLC 2K22

WWE 2K22 is almost here, and soon everyone can jump to the ring. Fans have even more reasons to get excited thanks to the 2K revelation from their next five DLC packages, each of which will contain several superstars and celebrities to add to the list already considerable. While many of the included stars have been well received, the reception of some has been mixed, especially given the fact that there are some surprising names that were not part of the list or at the main launch or DLC. Fans have expressed enough frustration with the absence of Zelina Vega (also known as Queen Zelina) and Aliyah, especially since celebrities like MGK and Logan Paul made the cut, and you can see something of what the fans say from the next slide.

In addition to Vega and Aliyah, there are other disconcerting absences, including Kayden Carter. This has no sense since no. 1 there are t-shirts with her in the game crowd and n. ° 2, Ella’s label colleague Kacy Catanzaro has been in one of the DLC packages, and the game could always use more Tag Teams.

Mickie James vs. Zelina Vega – Winner faces Asuka at Clash of Champions: Raw, Sept. 21, 2020

The game does not include any of the stars of NXT 2.0, but that is more understandable. When this game began to develop, the NXT 2.0 era had not yet begun, and NXT was affected by a lot of relatively fast changes, which brought stars like Carmelo Hayes, Cora Jade, Tony d’Angelo and, of course, Bron Breakker. fold. I hoped that they be included as DLC, but that does not seem to be the case from now on.

You can see what the fans say from the next slide, and let us know how you feel about the DLC in the comments or talking to me about everything related to the wrestling on Twitter @MattaguilarCB!

WWE 2K22 arrives on March 11 for PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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