Goal, the Facebook mother company, has announced its investors its latest financial results, unveiling that the Oculus Quest content store has already exceeded one billion dollars in sales.

This milestone, according to the North American company, confirms the growth in expenses in the store, which grew during the past year of the monthly twelve million to something more than fifty-one.

The good results of Oculus contrast with the fall of Facebook, the goal star product, which has suffered a reduction in its number of daily users while facing the growth of competitors such as Tiktok.

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After the presentation of the results, the goal actions fell more than twenty percent after the close of the New York Stock Exchange, given concern about the decline in popularity of the social network.

Facebook bought Oculus in 2014, and has turned the virtual reality company into one of its most important assets for the strategy turn towards the metaverse, a movement that also caused the name change of the Facebook to Meta matrix in October from last year.