If something has been criticized _ Nintendo Switch Sports _ , it is their lack of content, since fans of the era of _ wii _ expected the addition of many activities inspired by real sports. However, not everything is lost for this early launch, this is due to an information filtration, which indicates some updates for the game.

Nintendo Switch Sports: We've Played All the NEW Sports! | Hands-on PREVIEW (Switch)

The user of _ Twitter _ , [email protected] _ , published that within the files you can find references related to Basketball and dodgeball . After this, he clarifies that it can simply be trimmed for the final product. On the other hand, it is suspected that it will reach some point in the form of a gift or in a DLC of payment, most likely.

All this filtration of _ Nintendo Switch Sports _ can have its degree of logic, since from its announcement in a live, it was admired as a potential launch to house different types of disciplines. To this is added that the company is looking forward to the increases in online subscriptions, so add more content is the step to follow.

Certainly, the game has not been so well criticized at a general level, not only in the specialized press part, but also with casual users who waited for the title as soon as it was announced. In case you want to know a little more, we leave you our review. You can also move to the _ YouTube _ , where you can find a gameplay.

The game is only available for Nintendo Switch .