DLC Tears of Themis contains expansion packages with constant repetitions of past events. All lawyers who have passed the main story of X-Note can get access to it. 2-28 . Go to History menu x-note click Event and select past to download and delete DLC.

Explanation of the events of DLC Tears of Themis


The tears of Themis constantly expand their content by updating events, which usually follow the linear storyline. As a result, old events may seem inappropriate when they are repeated after the main characters reach a milestone in a relationship. Events also require a lot of time and resources to participate, so the gameplay may seem tiring when several large events are held at the same time.

The DLC event system solves these problems, the constant repetition of past major events , for example, the event Secrets of lost gold. You can go through the content at your own pace and in due time, as well as have constant access to the event store. However, Banners of events are not permanent so you need to wait for a repeated show of the banner to evaluate the SSR events that you missed.

How to use DLC function in Tears of Themis

The DLC function allows you download events for your choice. You can also delete events that you do not plan to play in order to save space on a mobile device. This does not affect your progress , which will be preserved in your account even after deleting the event. All the resources that you earn during the event will also be preserved, despite the removal of DLC. If you want to continue playing in a remote event, you can load uploaded content again and play it at any time.

If you often miss the daily entrance to the system, read our guide on how to get and use the registration receipt in Tears of Themis to get the awards that you missed.