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Elden Ring Update 1.05: Secret map

A new spot for Elden Ring recently appeared. Version 1.05 brought some pest solutions for weapons, last opponents and NPCs and some developments in regards to audio grains in the New Video Game Plus. However, more modifications were covered in the video game, which brings relief.

Spoiler caution: This short article includes looters that influence an employer as well as a vital method the story of Elden Ring.

pen leads you right into the underground

This is the marker: Defeat your Radahn, the final boss from Rotmand Castle, you learn through a meteorite strike. Nonetheless, many players ought to not have been really clear that it is currently an issue of finding the location of impact-or where they need to search for it. In this situation, a pen currently helps.

That is about: In enhancement to the various advancements provided in the Patch Notes for Update 1.05, further Lifestyle attributes were privately incorporated right into Elden Ring. Reddit-user Dark4mje noticed that a pen appears on the map with a very details tale progression.

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It used to be: The meteorite crater can be seen well from afar, because it is not just a hole in the ground. If you have actually uncovered this without the marker in the intermediate nation, you will possibly likewise have the idea of examining the whole time.

In this video clip we take a close take a look at Elden Ring’s success:


NOKRON: In Nokron not only Rannis Questline proceeds, but you will likewise discover the toughest ghost ash, particularly the impersonator rips that are copied by your appearances, your tools and also armor as well as can as a result be very solid assistance in the fight. It is an actually essential section in the video game, not simply a little sight on the side.

More Top quality of Life features: Update 1.05 has currently guaranteed that we can currently see just how much of the currency is really in our rune items. As an example, previous advancements brought pens for NPCs.

Samara Summer season

__ @Also in the winter season

In contrast to various other open world titles, Elden Ring does without a variety of pens as well as mission logs that show us the method. I are among the gamers that find this as an enjoyable change. It reinforces my immersion and appeals to my spirit of exploration.

That is why I enjoy that I was able to find this secret myself, yet I am additionally pleased that updates such as this more comfort bring even more comfort and also perhaps make sure that less people surrender annoyed. After all, none of us have an unlimited quantity of time for a video game.

I can recognize that some players are against the grain. When I tried to appropriately translate the statements of the NPCs, the area pointed out in particular can degenerate into annoying browsing and also I am typically incorrect throughout the Ranni pursuit myself. I was very afraid to miss out on something. However, when I found the cavern entrance, it was one of the big AHA experiences for me, which I could not have had if I had seen the marker on the map.

What do you think about this adjustment or normally of the follow-up functions of this kind?

A brand-new patch for Elden Ring recently appeared. Version 1.05 brought some bug fixes for tools, last opponents and also NPCs and some innovations in terms of sound beads in the New Game And Also. Additional adjustments were covered in the game, which brings relief.

This is the marker: Beat your Radahn, the final manager from Rotmand Castle, you hear from a meteorite attack. It made use of to be: The meteorite crater can be seen well from afar, due to the fact that it is not just an opening in the ground.

Elden Ring Bloodhound Step – Place, Effects and more

Elden Ring follows the trend of the youngest fromSoftware games and is a really fast game. Although the ever-reliable evasive maneuver does his job most of the time, there are some of the toughest Elden ring bosses, which simply can not be enough. At this point, you feel the need to revive the hunter in you and replace the escape role against the fast sprint.

If you are that, then you are lucky. Such an object exists and has the form of the Elden Ring Bloodhound Step Ash of was: a mixture of the Quickstep Dash from Bloodborne and the Carthus Milking from Dark Souls. In fact, a winning combination. Fortunately, this war ash can also be used for all weapons, which means that they can zoom around with the most powerful wholesalers to their heart’s content.

So, do you want to know the Elden Ring Bloodhound Step Location? Then you can read further below.


The ELDEN RING BLOODHOUND STEP War strap can be found in the northeast of Caelid after the boss of the Night’s Calvary was killed.

It is a place and boss that would probably be found in the middle to late game by Elden Ring, but if you are brave enough to cross the hell landscape of Caelid, you may be able to catch them early.

The Kalvarienberg in question is located on a bridge north of Lenne’s Rise in the Dragonbarrow region of Caelid. Unfortunately, if you did not have the pleasure to explore Caelid, it can be a really difficult journey to get there.

When you start at the spot where the eastern edge of Limgrave cuts with Caelid, just follow the northern main path, past the map fragment and behind the Minor Erdtree. You also need to avoid a ridiculous amount of dragons and an Erdtree avatar that is penetrated by devastating scarlet red.

The pain does not listen here, because of course you have to defeat the cavalry of the night to get the war as bag of the Bloodhound Step. In order to activate the fight, you have to approach at night of the bridge, so you can expel the time the next place of grace to ensure that the boss appears. Once you are in the fight with the Nazgul-like enemy, it is best if you approach your spectral Ross Torrent, as it can be difficult to dodge the wide beatings of the bosses of the bosses.

Once you have defeated the boss, you will receive the Bloodhound Step ashes of the war, which can be applied to every weapon of your choice by talking to Hewg in the festivals of the round table or on the menu ashes of war on any place of grace Carrying. It performs the same action as the Quickstep Ash of War – which pushes the player quickly – but with additional invisibility and additional protection.

Elden Ring BLOODHOUND STEP location (quick guide)
It can be a very helpful ability to overcome difficult to avoid attacks, or one of the many elderly long-length combos from Elden Ring, which enemies have enemies, because there is not only a much longer window for the invincibility framework, but also much further away Attention.

This completes our guide to the Bloodhound Step by Elden Ring. It can be a very useful tool for many of the more difficult opponents of the game and of invaluable value for those who are eagerly reminiscent of Bloodborne. Further tips and tricks for maximizing your fighting game – with or without Bloodhound Step – find in our elden ring complete solution to miss a step.

How will the SpeedRuns be and not hit in Elden Ring? The problems posed by your open world

_ Speedrun_ is a practice that has been done, except that the conceptualization of this new work raises questions. In what format can it be compete in Elden Ring in the world of Speedruns or Non-Hit? We are trying to find answers and we are asking ourselves the various issues related to this new proposal.

Towards the appearance of Speedrun subcategories in Elden Ring?

Between the fights of heads with ashes, the torrent use and use magic or not, it is very possible that Speedrun subcategories appear in Elden Ring. Players can choose to be quieter, allowing head fights with ashes, or even using the spectral horse (particularly for dragons or Radahn). Then, it will be possible to see other people playing “clean” without this type of additions.

Therefore, to give everyone opportunity, it would be better to include categories. Except that the work of the moderators will be colossal, because in the lapse of a minute, a player can use ashes of invocation, beat a boss and follow as if nothing. Players will have to show white legs, which is illusory. However, the categories seem mandatory for Speedrunning in Elden Ring to be really possible.

Invoke ashes: A problem?

It is very possible that the Speedrunners use the invocation ash during their games. Except that these are not part of the tradition of Souls, which makes the game much simpler.

Invocation ash are also a way to have much safer fights, since it is possible to receive little or no damage from the bosses thanks to these invocations. Therefore, the rules of the Speedrun in Elden Ring will take into consideration these calls and so “will eliminate” so that the fight among all competitors is more interesting?

We are forced to point out that a Speedrunner who does not use ashes will be at a disadvantage against another player who uses them. What is at stake will not be the same. And in the end, the rules of the Souls would be followed.

The open world: An obstacle to Speedrunning?

The open world could be perceived as a problem for the Speedrun, since it is possible to flee from the opponents and many points of interest provided with bosses. Therefore, the question may arise, do competitors have to discover the whole map or will be exempt from certain secondary bosses?

The ancient souls are more “pasathles”, with a very concrete path to travel to know the rest of steps to follow. Here, with Elden Ring, we are free to take the path we want, because the open world allows it. Therefore, will it be necessary to trace a path so that the players are paired to compete?

For such a large game, the SpeedRuns tend to be content to reach the end of the game as quickly as possible, with the credits marking the finish line, without worrying about the number of bosses achieved or the elements collected. But it is not impossible for more ambitious categories with detailed criteria.

Elden Ring Server Down – When is the server maintenance in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring likes to shine as single player epic, but the open-world adventure of fromSoftware also has online elements that enable coop action. From a friend who stopped by to help them kill one of the many bosses of Elden Ring, to players who leave notes, who can find other explorers, add the online features in Elyden Ring the game certainly a familiar Add from software level.

However, if the servers have to be tidy or simply all work together, the players will strive to know if the Elden Ring Servers have failed and, more importantly, when they are ready for use.

In this guide we will try to provide you with the latest information about planned server failure times in Elden Ring. Normally, fromSoftware informs the players in advance, if it plans to shut down the Elden Ring servers to perform some important maintenance, and we have this information here for you.

Elden ring server failed

The ELDEN ring servers will fail at different times on March 1st, as FROM software tries to improve multiplayer functionality. Here are times to which the servers for maintenance work for each platform are.


  • 2 to 3 o’clock GMT
  • 3-4 o’clock mez
  • 11-12 o’clock JST
  • 18: 00-19: 00 PST (February 28)


  • 3 to 4 o’clock GMT
  • 4-5 o’clock mez
  • 12: 00-13: 00 JST

Elden Ring Still Has Performance Issues After Day 1 Patch, FromSoft Respond, & Potential Solutions
* 19: 00-20: 00 PST (February 28)


  • 4 to 5 o’clock GMT
  • 5-6 o’clock CEST
  • 13: 00-14: 00 JST
  • 20: 00-21: 00 PST (February 28)

As soon as the one-hour maintenance window is completed on your platform, the ELDEN ring servers should go online again.

If you find your fight through The Lands Between, our comprehensive Elden Ring Complete solution gives you all tips you need to defeat bosses and find the best Elden Ring weapons.

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