PUBG console fans will soon see enemies easily killed on the battlefield, don’t worry! PUBG Corp. will add bots to the console version of the famous royal battle game so that noobs can always kill before I inevitably die in the hands of a more experienced player who joined the same match. Although players will not drop into cards that are exclusively crowded with bots, it is likely that the addition of bots will help retain new players, extend the killing sequences of more qualified players and fill out 100 people ‘cards. PUBG is available for Xbox One and PS4, where players will find robots controlled by AI, and it is also available on PC and Mobile.

PUBG: When the Robots Arrived
While the Hardcore PC and Mobile PUBG players will not have to worry about the Bots controlled by the AI scattered on their battlefields, the console players will receive Titanfall treatment in the next games. While the last update has brought Vikendi back to the game, the new update will fill these boots cards whenever necessary. This will be apparently based on the skills of the players in a match, suggesting that there is an algorithm that calculates the median level of the players in a match and decides to add the least qualified robots to a given match.

Boots added to PUBG on the console follow navigation meshes, creating limits so that they play, which prevents them from inadvertently killing themselves. While navigation meshes will have the IA robots in search of environmental dangers, they may be more likely to shoot enemy players. BOTS AI will be able to calculate the physics of the balls when they retaliate, so they can be mastered remotely.

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