MLB: In SHOW 22 Diamond Dynasty mode, there are several different ways of playing, including MINI-SEASONS mode. Mini-Seasons adds the team of your dreams to a league of eight teams to play during the season to win the championship. The mini-seasons also have dynamic goals that need to be performed to earn Diamond Dynasty cards.

One of the goals in mini-seasons is the mysterious mission called are you at least trying? But it does not specify what is the problem. To complete you even try to make a mission , You must make three mistakes in one mini-seasons .

MYSTERY MISSION in MINI SEASONS in MLB The Show 22 | How to Complete

The task is not quite difficult to fulfill, but the fact that the purpose of the task is a mystery, can make it complex. You can simply drop to the database to perform the task, and this will be considered an error. The test can be performed, even if you lose, but the victories in the mini-seasons will bring good awards.

For the fulfillment of a mysterious mission, you will receive a set of Mystery Choice Pack, which contains one choice option for the classic stadium. The classic stadiums are very cool to play, and they can be placed in a collection with other stadiums to earn the famous classic Polo Grounds stadium.

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