In the underground slums, tramps will meet azuza that will exchange energy drinks for game objects. There are only two objects in the inventory of Azoosis: memory B-12, which can be bought for three energy drinks, and a musical sheet for one energy drink, which means that you need to collect only 4 energy drinks in the game. This leadership will help you find Azooz and energy drinks in Stray so that you can get all its objects.

As a rule, banks with an energy drink in Stray can be found in trading machines that you will find during your research. Not all vending machines give you energy drinks, but some of them give, and it is on them that we will now concentrate. It is not so difficult to get to these vehicles in the tramp.

merchant Azuz in slums

The main reason you need these drinks is that the merchant in the slums of Azoosis will take only these energy drinks as its currency. You want to get a memory and a musical leaf from AZOOZ for further playing the game, so it is recommended to get these energy drinks.

It is not difficult to find azoosis of the merchant. The robot can be found for the first time in Chapter 4. To meet the robot, you need to turn left as soon as you start the chapter. Downs the stairs, you can find an azososis sitting with your shop. You can see the prices of all goods here.

where to find all energy drinks in Stray


Energy drink 1

When the guard signals the robots that it is safe, you will see an open garage door leading you to a dark lane. Here you can find the first trading machine under ventilation units.

Energy drink 2 Location

Follow steps opposite the keeper. When you follow this path, you will see a robot in an alley. Go to the end of this lane and climb the steps at the end to find the second trading machine to get an energy drink.

Energy drink 3

This drink is located near the Momo apartment. Immediately before entering the apartment, look for the symbol of the stranger on balconies and roofs. Right under the symbol of an outsider is a sales machine.

Energy drink 4 Location

The fourth energy drink is located right under the third trading automatic. You can go down, jumping from a piece of wood lying there; It has paint on it.

If it seems a little dangerous, you can access a trading machine from grandmother’s clothing. Jump over the ventilation units and get to the trading machine. The machine is well hidden under metal details, so be sure to carefully look for it if you do not notice it.