Five years ago, the information and communication technology (ICT) industry was the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’. It was not an industrial revolution that requires improvement of technology development and industry productivity, but a social revolution that requires innovation such as political and social and cultural and education.

The Digital Platform Government, the next version of the 4th Industrial Revolution is the next version of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The Digital Platform Government will link all government departments to one, to provide quick, transparent, and efficient administrative services. When the digital platform government is completed, collaboration of multiple Buddha officials is easier, and based on Big Data, the needs of the people may be more scientific.

Experts advise that in order to succeed in the Digital Platform Government, we will integrate systems and data divided into government departments and to share the processes and decision structures that are disconnected to the communication process. In order to export in the future, it is necessary to localize infrastructure and solutions, and it is deserving the use of the ICT technology evaluation system of the PPS.

Particularly, a powerful leadership must be supported for the digital platform government, and the advice of professionals should be enrolled by multiple experts in the decision-making process and establish the promotion system and to foster the industry with the system maintenance.

If so, the Digital Platform Government has some differences with the existing e-government system and what governance need to be successfully established. The ICT specialists have attracted their mouths to attend the “Digital Platform Government, Successful Estimation Plan” on the 25th,

On the same day, the discussion of Kim Soo-hee, called the e-government mountain witness, called the Sime Hee Solido SiSiStem, including the Representative of Songhu Chul, the John Platform Business Division, Jang Young-Hwan, Timac Stevé Vice Chairman, NIA) Digital government headquarters attended. The journalist, Judi Net, Korea, was a professional reporter.

How can I define a digital platform government,

Bangjoo Judinnet Korea specialist reporter: Digital platform government emerged with a picture. In addition to ICT workers, the general public is also interested in the digital platform government. First, I would like to have passed through the concept of the concept of the Digital Platform Government. I often use the expression that data flows as water flows, and I want to hear experts about what is what it is.

Professor, Seoul National University: In academics, the term ‘governent as a platform’ (Government As A Platform) is mainly used. It means that the government has opened the data that you have, and you can take advantage of that data, and make your own service based on your data. Taring such an open government meets the platform government of the academic meaning.

▲ Jang Young-hwan: In the digital platform government, administrative services need to be unified. It is necessary not to change the business process, not an offline administration, but the business process changes. You must basically change the way you basically innovate and work the service system. If it is such a purpose, the digital platform government will succeed.

▲ Darkness NIA Digital Government Director: Digital Platform Government is not a sudden concept, but it seems to be presented as a national task that needs to strengthen the platform function in the current government. The Digital Platform Government refers to governments that can be analyzed and united by the government as well as sharing and integrating the data that the corporate and civil society.

The current Digital Platform Government is not just saying the e-government of the narrow meaning. I would like to define a new country operating system, a governance method. The people provide personalized and customized the services they want, and the government to fundamentally change the way the government works.

▲ Songhaul London Platform Business Division Representative: From national perspectives, it means that the national services distributed in multiple ministries are integrated into one channel. Before the people demand something, the service is not a service that is preempted to understand the people.

The platform eventually plays a role in connecting the supplier and the consumer. If you build a digital platform government, it is important to work efficiently. It is important to integrate data into the system, which is divided into government divisions, and data. It is important not only to improve the process and crystalline structure that was disconnected in the communication process and allows the data to be shared by Buddha.

▲ Kim Soo-hee Solido Seasstay Template: There were a variety of efforts in many governments to develop e-government systems so far. The problem is that the fundamental business process is just changing the clothes without a change.

It is simply moving the hand to digitally issuing documents in the current e-government system. In the Digital Platform Government, the people should not be issued, not to be issued as one-stop as a one-stop, such as seal certificate. There is no desire that certificates is needed should be seen as a digital platform government. In order for the digital platform government to succeed, it is necessary to worry about the retrospective and reflection, and improvement of the past.

Past and currently learn from the present

Bang, Jang Joo Joo: There were many work to computerize the central department and public work. The e-government is representative and there is a ‘Government 3.0’ of Park Geun-hye. What is this government computer business and the digital platform government? Tell me what the Digital Platform Government is a lesson that you can get in the previous government business.

▲ Jang Young – Hwan: I think I can see the past and now I can see the future. Existing e-government systems are connected to infrastructure and data. Each minute, you should not touch the data for each minute, so you have to be aware of the consultation, and there are many technical problems.

Especially if we are missing now, it is that it is not much to write in the real site even if there are many open data. In order for the digital platform government to succeed, institutional and technical troubleshooting must be followed.

▲ Kim, Won – Hee: In the acquisition, you need to understand the reality to make an agenda. Currently, if you do not send and process data, you will have to be recreated again. Perhaps, if this current system does not change, the digital platform government will be very delayed.

I think it would be nice to prepare for what we can do for five years for the next five years. Data that has already created in the past governments is currently in the elements of the e-government system. It’s a matter of whether you can write that data right away. People with teams and expertise to diagnose them should be gathered.

▲ OGNK: The current e-government system only has digital technology to the paper document-based process. When using the e-government service, the data is not simply in the backend of the government, but it is likely to be able to link to the process level, not the level of view, and viewing. When you apply for a government’s digital service, you should not need to enter the required items for the application form.

Public data was pursued as the government at the time of Park Geun-hye. Public data was good in that it increased the total amount of open data, but in the market position, the data required was not provided sufficiently, and the data in the form of a readable type of type was not opened. It was a situation that was forced to use data and use data. Now, in the data precautions, you must enhance management so that standardized digital data sets can be generated from the generating step.

▲ This video: Current e-government system, such as Civil Furniture 24, is uncomfortable with user experience (UX). In order for users to use the e-government easily, you need to introduce AI and have individual customized services. It is very uncomfortable to take off the complaint documents. Clouds, metabuses and others have to make it easy to access anywhere.

▲ Choi Bajun: We believe that Korea has built e-government systems in the meantime compared to other countries. However, when the global electronic administration, the global electronic administration was driven based on the cloud, he missed the time. If you apply a DID, a DID (DID), a metaverse, a distributed identity (DID), a metaverse, etc.

▲ Songho Cherry: What if the platform provides a hyper-connectivity (Hyper-Connectivity)? The reason we are issuing a document is finally to submit to third parties. Does it need to be submitted by the people to be issued by the people. If you apply for a document within the platform, you can not need to be a process if you can apply it to delivery.

Digital Platform Government, To build successfully?

Bang Job Reporter: I think that the digital platform government should be able to understand the characteristics of the data to successfully establish. Governance is also important. Tell us what to do to successfully build the digital platform government.

▲ Machine: Powerful leadership is needed. It is a very short term that the President of the President of the 5th year of five years. Even if you try to build and promote a plan, it is often a moment of power, and I often expect a new government again.

We have to enhance a cooperative collaboration between the Buddha and actually leave the digital platform government promotion to a person with authority and responsibility. There is a need for experts to be responsible for certain levels of responsibilities.

▲ This video: Digital platform is necessary to dismiss any policy to build a policy. Provides powerful leadership, and experts who can help decisions should be gathered. In fact, we must build a policy that will create a policy and decide on the experts who have built an e-government, and more. I think it should be implemented after designing the digital platform government exactly.

▲ Oghang: Professionals are important to join themselves. And, the voices of professionals should make it enough to be reflected in the policy. Official participatory integration policy proposal, solving platform construction. National Digital Platform Government Promotion System is established and system maintenance and industrial cultivation.

▲ Jang Young – Hwan: The current e-government system is a physical integration, but the budget boundary is separate. In order for the platform to change fundamentally, it is necessary to integrate in back office units. If you simply touch your hand only on the service, the fundamental change will not be easy.

I think it is important to integrate services through the application center. Looking at the current e-government, the PC-based website is centered and the app is being injured. It is not easy to look at the app with a lot of data on one screen. In accordance with the dependent service environment, the e-government system should also change to the app.

▲ Kim, Sang-hee: We must investigate what the people wanted to do, and what the people required by the people. Until now, we have made services to “you will be offered like this” in the approach of the producer’s center. ‘ From this approach, you need to be able to do a demand for what services you want to do about the people around the people. It is the most realistic approach to find the priority services that the people need to find the priority service and redefine the data and processes.

The Digital Platform Government must create a process that flows to the data and data to meet the needs, and the existing system should be designed as a process that can provide complete services in the future. If necessary data can be provided in real time, the implementation of the integrated platform service will not be difficult.

▲ Choi Bajun: To build a digital platform government, we must actively combine advanced technology. For example, you can enlarge the private cloud utilization area for cloud front switching, apply block chains to government administrative documents, or may combine AI for metabuses and national deacons for DIDs, a sight comprehensive complaint service. You must start a new “Digital Government 1.0” rather than the “Electronic Government 4.0”.

AI, Data, Cloud, How can I connect

Bang Joo Joo Chae: Digital Platform The government seems to be well grown and used in AI, data, and clouds to use the government conveniently. So how can we use it?

▲ Choi Bajun: Digital Platform The goal of the government should be finally directed to the digital gap. For that, the use of services should be convenient for use. With a simplified user interface (UI), former people must be able to easily access all homepage information.

AI technology is likely to be utilized in a field that provides the needs in a big data environment through an interface so that it can take advantage of all services on a single site.

Big data seems to be able to divide into administration and policy data. The administrative data is likely to be able to develop into an integrated manner to eliminate the partition of the buddha, and easily cooperate. How do policy data develop into a platform service so that the people can utilize it.

The cloud is likely to build a digital nomad business environment or a meta bus based on the activation of private cloud.

▲ Songho, Railway: I think AI is associated with two. First, in order to machine for data utilization, it is necessary to “training data set” and ‘Validation Datlet’, including a cleaned feature (feature) and a label (Feature) and a label. At this time, there is a possibility that the data held in each system can not be used as it is. Software seems to be trimmed to produce quality data.

The second is that data and the AI ​​model based on the data, can be used directly from the people and the government. This should be reflected in the software, and for this purpose, the software of the government department shall be predicted and classified as a model based. Features and UI / UX are designed and implemented to provide the user to the user.

No matter how AI, even if you talk to machine, this is a picture of the picture unless it applies to the software. So you have to connect the entire and design and create it again.

In the industry, there is also an opinion that all government work should be switched to the cloud. Conventions are opposed to the opinion. The government’s business system and data are very deadly in some cases, so sufficient preparation and worries are needed.

Infrastructure (IaaS) as a service (IaaS), the nature of the software (SaaS) as a service (SaaS) should accurately understand and establish a gradual conversion policy.

Can I export digital platform governments

Bang, Jang Joo Joo: It is a side view that is the presidential election of Yoon Suk-hyeon, who exports three years after making the digital platform government well. Electronic government exports have several surfaces. What should I do if I want to be an export item of the Digital Platform Government.

▲ Jang Young – Hwan: I was interested in infrastructure products such as e-government service and system software. However, the core infrastructure of the Korean government service is mostly foreign products such as Oracle. Despite nothing to compare the level of software technology with foreign countries, public and financial customers have high foreign product preference.

In order to export the digital platform government, all infrastructures needed to build must be built in domestic. Since all services are going to the cloud, we can create enough to world-class, even if you build it with domestic hardware or software technology.

In addition, the ICT technology evaluation system of the PPS must be fundamentally surgery. The Public Administration says that it is 80 ~ 90% of the technology evaluation, and the technology evaluation time is a 15-minute presentation for the presentation per company. There is a lot of proposals to reach thousands of pages, which is damaged by both companies and Public Administration. Be sure to improve the procurement technical evaluation system, and the evaluation time should be increased several times more than now.

▲ Songho, Railway: I think it is an aimed at export. Because the technology changes quickly, past e-government architectures and technologies are currently valid. Therefore, I think it is not too late to build and discuss a significant new platform for this opportunity.

▲ Kim, Sang-hee: Even if you are ready for your experience, you need a blank day for at least three years. It is also absolutely necessary to have government recommendation and support for large corporations, small and medium-sized companies, and 3 times of products. The platform is required to be prepared for technology and talent. Study and prepare for a domestic solution or environment.

Suggestions for the success of the Digital Platform Government

Bang, Jingju reporter: Digital platform gave several suggestions for government success. For the success of the digital platform government, please talk about this only if this is necessary.

▲ Songhuol: The digital platform government thinks that he should provide hyper connectivity. The government can create a userfront end application. However, if the various software of the private sector is connected based on the appropriate authentication system and authority for the allowable back-end function of the government. I think that innovations that are fused to the data and features provided by private software are implemented in the apps and software they use.

It should also not talk about data now. It is also necessary to discuss the data standard and interface.

▲ Kim, Sang-hee: Data is also important, but it is also important how to distribute that data. Performance is essential to connect good water pipes, pipes, faucets well and design without bottlenecks. Cultivation analysis must be a parallel. Do not listen to one side, and you have to combine your head and strength.

▲ Machine: I need to identify which data scattered in each institution is holding a qualitative problem. You need a pilot system that shows which policy issues can be solved by improving and linking.

▲ Oang-Tax: The new government should start with a clearly defining the concept of the digital platform government. So that the Digital Platform Government can actually be implemented in the investigative expression of the new government administration.

The Digital Platform Government can not only apply to the application of digital new technologies, as well as legal provisions, governance maintenance, and business process innovation, and should be successfully promoted from mid- to long-term perspective.

To this end, we need to establish a propulsion system based on the president’s interest and leadership and a relief system that can support them. Especially, specialist experiences and knowledge of various fields require operational systems that can be effectively utilized in prior processes such as setting, enforcement, performance evaluation.