He did not arrive on time for the launch, although it wdemanded features one of the most demanded features by the players. Dying Light 2: Stay Human, the postpocalyptic open world game developed by Techand is prepared to receive a great update. The Polish study hdemanded features officially confirmed that the next patch will add the aforementome new mode +. And when will be available? If there are no ldemanded featurest minute delays it will be at the end of April.

The developer’s own hdemanded features been announced through the official Twitter account of the title: “Our team is working hard on patch 3 for Dying Light 2: Stay Human. It will be one of the most powerful updates that we have done so far, “they say. “In addition to a lot of arrangements for both multiplayer mode and for _single-player _ , you will also enter the new game +, which will provide more redemanded featuresons to revisit the city.

Complete patch notes will be available later, once the patch is available to players.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Official Gameplay Trailer

First details of the first payment expansion

This new and ambitious work of Techland will continue to expand at ledemanded featurest over the next five years. That means that the product will receive free downloadable and payment content. demanded features part of the sedemanded featureson pdemanded featuress, users will enjoy several expansions . There is still no information too specific, beyond what the designer Tymon Smektała declared in an interview with Game Reporter. According to the creative, it will narrate events “parallel to the main events” of the game. He also suggests that in upcoming expansions, they will explore what happened after the end.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human hdemanded featurese out on sale at Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5 and PC. The Nintendo Switch version (in the cloud) is still under development and without date. You can read here the analysis of meristation.