If you are looking for a complete guide on the Mission Dartmoor – Death in the family of Hitman 3, you are in the right place. Intrigues, assassinations, discoveries, exploits… everything is explained here. However, if you miss a code to open doors or other safes, you can find it on our dedicated article.

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  • Dubai – on the roof of the world
  • Dartmoor – Death in the family
  • Berlin – Predator Perched
  • Chongqing – End of an era (WIP)
  • Mendoza – Farewell (WIP)


1 intrigues – Hitman 3: Dartmoor

1.1 Means, Reasons and Opportunities

1.2 Its last home

1.3 A memorable day

2 Assassinations – Hitman 3: Dartmoor

3 discoveries – Hitman 3: Dartmoor

4 Exploits – Hitman 3: Dartmoor

Intrigues – Hitman 3: Dartmoor

Three intrigues await you at stake during your mission to Dartmoor on Hitman 3.

means, patterns and opportunities

  • Discreetly lead to the mansion while spanning the wall and crossing the stream.

  • Enter the window open right and wait for the detective in the corridor behind the suitcases. MASTER it and take his clothes.
  • Go see the butler to discover the crime scene and recover the clues, then go back to the butler to get the list of places and suspects.
  • Search all the rooms by interacting with highlighted objects in instinct mode, without forgetting to take pictures marked on the map.
  • Query all suspects, and you will be able to get your verdict to the butler and have an interview with Alexa Carlisle. You can get the Arthur Edwards folder as a reward.

his last home

  • Go to the cemetery outside and destroy the nests of birds in the trees with a silencer to bring the target in front of his grave.
  • Choose to endorse the role of the death croquet or not, and push the target into its own grave to complete the plot.

A memorable day

  • Find the fuse next to the two guards outside the manor and then join the fountain and take the screwdriver and the English key.
  • Insert the fuse into the box near the fountain and then destroy the first floor outlet with the fountain with the screwdriver.
  • Break the fountain water hose with the English key and wait until your target arrives to complete the plot.

Assassinations – Hitman 3: Dartmoor

Twelve assassinations await you at stake during your mission to Dartmoor on Hitman 3.

Discoveries – Hitman 3: Dartmoor

Eighteen discovery await you at stake during your mission to Dartmoor on Hitman 3.

Exploits – Hitman 3: Dartmoor

Twenty exploits await you at stake during your mission to Dartmoor on Hitman 3.