In the last two years, many people cried and laughed because of the cryptocurrency guy. This is not limited to mining companies, but also for gamers influenced by graphics cards, the main equipment used for mining. There is a shortage, and the price of related products has risen vertically, and the newly released graphics card was just a picture of the picture.

It would have been even more for those who needed a graphics card at that time. It was difficult to run the latest high-end games without a graphics card, and I used to use a dying card that was already over for the end of the warranty period. In the meantime, it was not a joke to say, Buy the remaining parts with the remaining money. The price soared to the ceiling, and the budget was limited, so I had to compromise elsewhere.

The reporter also recommended to lower the level of peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, mice, and headsets as much as they quote for various acquaintances. As I gave up my tears and gave up the performance of the peripherals, I gave up my emotions. But now the situation has been reversed. In 2022, the demand for graphics cards gradually dropped, the shortage of shortages was quite relaxed, and it was time to raise the weight of peripherals.

Where are you not the latest products? If you are looking for it, there is a gaming keyboard that came out appropriately. There is ‘G Pro GX Blue’ released by Logitech, a peripheral company. The Logitech GX Blue has a design and performance designed for pro gaming in collaboration with professional gamers with outstanding professional gamers around the world.

This does not mean that the design is completely new. The exterior itself is the same as the G Pro X and G Pro, but features a GX Blue switch. In the early days, Logitech introduced a G Pro with Romer-G switch developed in collaboration with Omron in Japan, but it was changed to Kyle’s switch with a double-click issue with feedback and double-click issue that feels heterogeneous. Oh.

Thanks to this, G Pro GX Blue has a unique, clear and distinctive sense of tangles. In addition, a removable paracorded cable with easy portable and movement is applied. In addition, the TKL configuration is the same as the previous PRO keyboard, which has the advantage that the mouse operation range is a bit more advantageous for gameplay compared to the full array.

Logitech G Pro GX Blue **

** Mechanical method: mechanical

Switch: GX Blue

** key arrangement: 87 key arrangement / Tenkiris

Additional key: Multimedia control key

RGB LED: 16.8 million rgb LED

Size: 361mm / 153mm / 34mm (w x d x h)

Switch: GX Blue

** Wired and Cable: Wired / 1.8m

Features: GX Blue Click Key Switch / Compact TKL Design / G-HUB / LightSync RGB

* Price: 149,000 won (based on the lowest price)

So far, we have learned about the Logitech GX Blue. It was a famous product in the high-end market in the G Pro series, so I thought there would be no sequel, but it was newly launched in May with Kyle’s company except Romer-G switch.

When I was tagged, I had a very low tall, so even though I was weak, the sound of ‘click’ was in your ear. In addition, there was an iron core inside, so it was more likely than the Maje Steville Rizer. The cable durability with the paracode is a commendation, but it’s a bit unfortunate that you adopted a micro 5-pin terminal rather than a USB-C type. In addition, it is impossible to play keycaps because the right control key, the shift key and the space bar, which contain the caps lock, are different from the standard keycap.

But the other features and features are Logitech. As most of the Logitech products, these products are perfectly compatible with G Hub. The left G LED, the indicator at the top, and the multimedia key lighting can be easily changed through the G Hub, and there is no error in using key mapping or macros that will make the game play easier.

Logitech G Pro GX Blue has a unique, clear and distinctive sense of tangles. It is more advantageous for game play of various genres in that it is possible to enter faster in the gaming environment with a 1ms response speed, and the 87 keys are applied to the TKL array, so that the mouse operation range is wide. It’s not a completely new design, but it’s like a high-end green gaming keyboard. If you want to taste professional gamer class, what about Logitech G Pro GX Blue?