CREST released a special PV to commemorate the release of Log Like Action “ Metallic Child ” and “ Ahe Sakunahime ” of “Sakunahime **”.

Collaboration DLC appeared with the appearance of “Sakunahime” and “Kokoro Ohime” to “Metallic Child Wind”. Collaboration Boss “Kajan General General, Generation” and collaboration custom will have new elements such as changing the stage. On special sites, various elements related to collaboration content can be checked by video.

Special PV Introduction to “Metallic Child” in “Metallic Child”, and the content is introduced by the “one-party two roles” by the voice actor who played the role of Sakuna Hime in the “Sakunahime of the heaven”. It is the content that the whole picture of Sakunahime custom is at a glance.

In addition, the details of large updates delivered simultaneously with collaboration DLC are released. The new battle mode “Advanced” that challenges after the game is cleared, and “Limit laboratory”, which defeats the enemy until the HP of Rona is 0 and acquired the score. In both modes, new custom parts can be acquired.

“Metallic Child” “Sakunahime” collaboration DLC “Rice and Core” will be released on March 31, 2022 for PC (STEAM) / Nintendose switch.