Fallout 76 Players who have been anxious to pursue some mole merits and take the boot-gathered by creatures finally have the opportunity to do it once more with the return of the Hunt For The Treasure Hunter event. This event is one that has appeared several times along several fallout 76 special events and weekends, but it has spent a while since it was live in the game. Regardless of when it last appeared, it is available from now until March 28 and players can get additional booty during that period of time.

According to the Community calendars published for fallout 76 that they track different events as they occur throughout each season, the last time this event took place was on January 13. It occurred at the same time as the weekend of double mutations and, according to the most recent community calendar that covers from March to June, the double mutation event is running again at the same time as the Hunt For The Treasure Hunter Event weekend.

ALL Camp Plan Rewards From The Treasure Hunter Event! | Fallout 76
The last one inside the betout of Bethesda does not mention the Double Mutations event that will take place this weekend, but it does not highlight the Mole Mining event that is being carried out. It started on March 24, so if he did not catch him at the beginning, he is a bit behind, but that still leaves a long time to collect Mole Miner Pails and get some booty.

«Every Treasure Hunter that shoots will yield a legendary object and a Mole Miner, you can open to recover something from your boot for you,” said Bethesda about this event that should be quite familiar to fallout 76 players at this point if he has been present. During some seasons ». If you are looking for even more booty, you can create your own cubes of Minero Topo by buying empty cubes of your local train station for a few plugs, and then filling in any Tinker’s Workbench. Treasure Hunter Mole Mines will not remain on the surface for a long time, so be sure to track as many as you can before they take their rewards to the depths of the Earth. “

The next notable event after this is the great sale of Minerva, which takes place on April 7. Hunt For The Treasure Hunter will not return until June 2, so be sure to take advantage of the event while you can before it finishes.