Mystery friends come in Zereth Mortis, the final area of WoW: Shadowlands, full of their money. Countless hidden boxes, rare opponents that have to be summoned over detours and many more small puzzles invite you to explore and try around. Other players, on the other hand, want to know directly as they come to something specific and have no desire to pile up for hours. And often the puzzles are not easy to solve or only by chance. As with a bushel progenitor products.

To come to this box, you must first open the door, behind which the treasure you need for meta-success treasures of Zereth mortis is hidden. We tell you how that works.

WOW: a bushel progenitor products

To get to the treasure, you must first open the door. But this is not possible without any further and the game does not tell you as you do that. So we tell you:

Bushel of Progenitor Produce WoW Treasure

  • To open the locked door, your character must have the buff creation catalyst overload stacked five times.
  • The buff stops 40 seconds and you will ever receive a pile when you kill a nascent servant .
  • These opponents can be found especially in the rectangular water field in the middle – north of the locked door.
  • Kill five of these opponents one after the other, without the debuff expires. The runtime is set to 40 seconds with each stack.
  • Have five stacks together, then you can open the door and have free access to the treasure.

The bushel progenitor products is not a classic treasure chest, but a bushel fruit and vegetables. Source: progenitor products
There you will find , among other things, Chef Pocopoc and a handful of mysterious fruits. But pay attention to the nascent servants not necessarily attack when they are connected by beam to the creation catalyst. Because then you get Creation catalyst overload , which makes it much harder to kill.

Depending on the equipment, it is relatively easy to collect the buffs successively without leaving in between. If you cause too little damage, then you always have to fight several servants at the same time. Pullt the next servant just when the old servant is not entirely dead to get faster to the buffs.

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